Romance film recreates first love magic

By Brenda De La Cruz

“Of An Age” reminds viewers of the nostalgia and heartache that often accompanies a first love.

Thom Green and Elias Anton lead the cast as the pair.

The tale of two lovers who share an unexpected but powerful connection within the span of 24 hours follows Kol, an amateur ballroom dancer, and Adam, the attractive college bound older brother of Kol’s friend. 

The two meet unexpectedly and soon share an instant attraction. 

Set in the summer of 1999 in Australia, the film follows the pair as they get to know each other during an eventful day.

The movie evokes a sense of simplicity when it comes to life, but it also does not shy away from complex issues.

These issues include love, bullying and fitting in.

The story’s use of quick bonds will resonate with viewers, especially in how the movie uses only one day in the characters’ lives to show the impact they have on each other.

The bond shown in this film shows exactly that, that sometimes one simply knows it’s the real thing. 

This showcase of “true love” is what helps viewers believe the storyline.

Viewers can connect their own experiences to what the movie shows.

This is not a typical Hollywood movie, and that is exactly what makes it work so well. 

It’s real and raw, and just what life is truly like for many. 

Love is beautiful and can happen with anyone, despite sexual preferences.

Despite the beauty of love, the film also shows the barriers and obstacles that come with these emotions.

“Of An Age” brings all of this to the big screen.

A romantic film filled with giddy scenes full of flirtatious banter between the main characters. 

The movie will make viewers think back to their first loves and relationships with a smile.

The entire film is filled with a soothing and timeless soundtrack, featuring millennial age artists such as Tori Amos, Nelly Furtado and The Cardigans. 

Written and directed by Goran Stolevski, the film released in theaters February 17. 

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