Baseball team extends win streak to four, beating Compton

By Oscar Martines

The Huskies are on a roll with a four-game win streak following a dominating 12-2 victory over the Compton College Tartars.

Pitcher Francisco Dominguez of the Huskies continued to show why he is the leading pitcher for the team, having played all 9 innings and striking out three players.

Despite permitting 11 hits throughout the game, Dominguez only allowed two runs. 

The outfield was key in  preventing Compton from gaining any sort of momentum. 

After a first inning that saw Compton nearly score the first runs of the game, the bottom of the second paved the way for the Huskies to open the score and display their dominance.

Following a pitch that hit left fielder Alex Mendez, designated hitter Gavin Vogel and first baseman Christian Navarro both hit singles to put the Huskies in scoring position.

The next two players walked, allowing the Huskies to gain a 2-0 advantage over Compton.

In the next play, shortstop Richard Ponce flew out to left field, going far enough to let Navarro score and increase the lead to 3-0.

Compton once again put the Huskies in a position to score after pitcher Joshua Chavez’s pitch hit catcher Michael Easter.

Right fielder Beno Olmeda took advantage of the bases loaded by hitting a wide single to midfield, opening the way for second baseman Moises Nolasco and center fielder Nicholas Bobadilla to score and close the inning for the Huskies with a 5-0 lead.

The next three innings saw both the Huskies and Compton attempt to make an impact on the score but were unable to make any plays.

At the top of the sixth inning, Compton finally forced a change to the scoreboard.

After a bunt single from center fielder Jonathan Enriquez, Compton responded with two more singles.

Second baseman Crixtian Taveras hit a third single to left field, putting Enriquez in a position to score the first run for Compton.

With an opportunity to score more runs and catch up to the Huskies, Compton was unable to take advantage of it as Dominguez would close out the inning with two consecutive strikeouts.

The Huskies would respond to Compton’s run with a run of their own in the bottom of the sixth.

Following a Nolasco walk, Bobadilla’s bunt gave Nolasco room to move to second base.

Third baseman Ruben Hernandez then hit a strong double to right field, moving Nolasco to home plate and adding to the Huskies’ lead.

The Huskies once again found the scoreboard in the bottom of the seventh inning thanks to the Tartar’s pitcher hitting two players.

With the bases loaded, Hernandez struck with a single to far right field, allowing Mendez and Vogel to score again for the Huskies and increase the lead to 8-1.

At the top of the eighth inning, Taveras would hit a single to left field and gave Compton a glimmer of hope in the game.

Left fielder Andy Perez then allowed Taveras to score for Compton by hitting a single to far left field.

Perez attempted to reach third base following his hit, but was caught out after he was unable to outrun the ball.

The bottom of the eighth put Mendez’ hard-hitting swing on display.

The bottom of the inning began with Easter being walked, followed by Olmeda reaching first after a huge pitching error, moving Easter to second base.

Olmeda would be replaced by pinch runner Julian Hernandez, symbolically teasing what was about to happen for the Huskies.

Mendez continued the Huskies’ momentum by hitting a powerful three-run homerun to right field, extending the lead to 11-2.

The inning would not end for the Huskies, however, as Vogel was walked and would make his way to third base after Navarro hit a fly out to midfield.

Vogel would then score one more time for the Huskies thanks to a Nolasco hit that was caught out at left field.

The Huskies would finish the game with three groundouts to take the 12-2 blowout victory over Compton.

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