Third season of ‘Mandalorian’ mixed bag

By Jonathan Bermudez

The third season of the  hit Disney+ show “The Mandolorian” premiered March 1 and was underwhelming. 

It’s been three years since the last season of “The Mandalorian” and nothing exciting happens to make up for the long wait. 

Over the last three years, Disney has brought out multiple Star Wars shows but only one continued where the last season of “The Mandolorian” left off. That show would be “The Book of Boba.”

“The Book of Boba” ends where season three of “The Mandalorian” picks up. The premiere episode starts with Din Djarin, played by Pedro Pascal, wanting to rejoin his clan of Mandolorians. To do so he must bathe in sacred waters to be forgiven and accepted back. 

After he learns what he has to do to be accepted, the show becomes dull. 

The show introduces new characters that appear once in the films and has returning favorites from the first season. 

Everything else is just boring exposition that is leading up to better exciting stuff to come. 

The premiere doesn’t feel like anything the audience should have waited for. 

The episode is short; running 37 minutes.

 The previous seasons premiered with episodes that were 50 and 40 minutes long. 

The spin-off show, “The Book of Boba,” has an episode that is dedicated to continuing the story of “The Mandalorian,” and is much longer and also more exciting. 

The first episode of season three felt like a mid-season episode instead of a season premiere.

It seemed like something to give the audience their fix for new Star Wars content. 

There are some space battles and some gunfights but it fails to leave a lasting impact. Grogu, which is the most popular character of the show, makes it a bit more enjoyable and less insufferable than it is in the first two episodes. 

The popularity of the character is probably what brought back most of the audience. It’s been a while since anything new has happened with Grogu. 

Although Grogu is fun and adorable, there is only so much that he can do to make the episode interesting to talk about. 

The second episode premiered a week after the first and it is far better. Running at 44 minutes, this episode is way more entertaining. 

The visual effects in episode two are stunning and create a new atmosphere that has never been seen before in the series. 

The episode takes place on the planet of Mandalore that has been devastated by the Empire. 

What was once a beautiful planet is now a dark and hellish landscape.

 Parts of the city remain standing showing how massive it once was. The  visual effects of the city make the show feel different.

Almost as if fans aren’t watching a show about Star Wars but a show about war and its devastating effect on the environment. 

The inhabitants of the planets are feral and have bright green eyes which is implies it is from the bombing on the planet.

The story is better paced, and more engaging.

 Fans of the franchise will be interested to see how they bring to life concepts that have only been animated in other shows. 

It’s a shame that this episode wasn’t premiered first. This episode would have made the wait feel more worth it.

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