Softball unable to end losing streak, lose to Cerritos

By Oscar Martines

The softball team did not break their losing streak on Monday as Cerritos scored eight runs in 10 hits in an 8-2 game.

The Huskies landed five hits, but were only able to produce two runs. 

Shortstop Priscilla Hernandez led the way with two doubles and a single, which included a play of her stealing home plate to score a run.

The Huskies’ pitching also struggled throughout the game.

Each pitcher allowed multiple runs during their time on the field.

Cerritos began the game with their first three batters finding their way onto the bases, one of them being walked and the other two hit singles.

First baseman Marley Manalo was responsible for the first single of the game. During the second single of the game, she found her way to home plate and scored the first of many runs for Cerritos.

The Huskies would respond with a run of their own at the bottom of the first inning. 

Hernandez secured a double to midfield, followed by a single from right fielder Sydney Carter that put Hernandez at third and in position to tie the game.

Carter then caused a distraction with her attempt to steal second base, which was unsuccessful.

However, Hernandez stole home plate and ended the first inning with a 1-1 tie.

At the top of the second inning, catcher Jimena Velazquez would make the most of her first at bat, after being walked, by stealing second base. Velazquez then reached third after left fielder Jocelyn Doan’s hit was caught for an out.

Following an RBI single from second baseman Alyssa Sotelo, she scored the second run of the game for Cerritos.

The next few innings were scoreless, but as Cerritos was close to extending the lead, the Huskies made an amazing save at the top of the third inning.

With a player at third base, pinch hitter Monique Rangel looked to add another run for Cerrritos and push away from the Huskies.

Rangel successfully hit the ball, but the celebration was short-lived. The Huskies quickly recovered the ball and earned a double play on first base and home plate, ending the inning and momentarily preventing Cerritos from increasing the lead.

Heading into the top of the fifth inning, the Huskies played defensively very well, but this all changed as Cerritos’ batting came up big on their way to growing the lead.

The Huskies gave up a walk to Manalo at the start of the inning, followed by a single from third baseman Brooklyn Bedolla.

Cerritos added to their lead as shortstop Miranda Diaz hit an RBI single to far right that led Manalo to home plate and moved Bedolla to third base.

The hits did not stop for Cerritos as center fielder Alyssa Caps also hit a single of her own, which gave Cerritos more opportunities to score with the bases loaded.

To end the scoring runs for Cerritos in the inning, Velazquez hit a single to left field that allowed both Diaz and Capps to score.

The Huskies made quick work of the next two batters and ended the inning with a 5-1 deficit.

The score remained unchanged until the top of the seventh inning, as Cerritos looked to finish the game with a greater lead.

Capps responded once again at bat as she hit a bunt to secure a single, then she stole second base to move her closer to a scoring opportunity.

Velazquez secured an RBI as she hit a triple to midfield that moved Capps to home and added to the lead.

Although designated player Maddy Guillen’s hit flew out to left field, she earned an RBI as Velazquez made her way to home plate and scored the second run of the inning.

Doan was not able to do much at bat as she was hit by a pitch, but she took advantage of her spot at first base by stealing second and earning another run for Cerritos. 

Sotelo’s double gave her enough time to grow the lead 8-1.

With their final inning to play, the Huskies were determined to find a way to add some runs and make a comeback against Cerritos.

The bottom of the inning did not start well for the Huskies, with center fielder Nathalie Cordova’s hit being caught out.

Designated player Arianna Cobian then walked, and was replaced by pinch runner Audrey Aguirre at first base.

Following a ground out and with one out left in the game, second baseman Emilia Corona found the ball and landed a single to right field, securing a second run for the Huskies.

The game ended with pitcher Amaya Zaldivar being struck out. The losing streak for the Huskies was extended to four and sealed the score at 8-2, in favor of Cerritos.

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