Softball’s rough April continues

By Alan Layva

It was another tough game for the softball team, as their recent struggles continued with a crushing 12-0 defeat to Pasadena City College on Friday afternoon. 

The game kicked off with a bang as Pasadena came out swinging and were able to get an early 2-0 lead. 

However, it was in the top of the fourth where Pasadena really started to dominate, scoring a total of eight runs to increase their lead. 

The Huskies struggled in that brutal fourth inning, as pitcher Jaqueline Martinez allowed a base knock into shallow center field, which was followed by a  bunt that moved the runner to second, then third after a throwing error by Martinez on the same play. 

The following batter Martinez faced caught a fastball right in her back and that lead to loaded bases. 

Pasadena then executed a successful squeeze play, allowing them to score two runs and increase their lead to 4-0. 

Another batter hit by Martinez loaded the bases once again, and a double by Marcella Ordonez for Pasadena allowed yet another runner to score. 

Martinez continued to struggle, hitting another batter and loading the bases once again. 

A knock by Olivia Nanez into left field drove in two more runs for Pasadena, and the score was now 7-0. 

The situation only got worse for the Huskies as Ruiz drove in another two runs with a single, bringing the score to 9-0 with only one out in the top of the fourth.

A fielder’s choice by the Huskies’ third baseman allowed yet another run to be scored, and the score was now 10-0 with two outs in the top of the fourth. 

The Huskies finally managed to get out of the inning after a fly out by Rodriguez for Pasadena.

However, the game was not without some outside drama. 

In the top of the fourth, a fan interfered with the game by heading toward the Pasadena dugout and yelling obscenities. 

The incident was scary for most of the players and surrounding parents and fans in the general area. 

In the bottom of the fourth, the Huskies were unable to get any momentum going, and the inning ended scoreless. 

The fifth inning began with Pasadena hitting back-to-back singles and another pitching change for the Huskies. 

However, the change did not bring the results the Huskies were hoping for, as Pasadena continued to score.

A gap single by Ordonez allowed another runner to cross the plate, bringing the score to 11-0 with no outs. 

A sacrifice fly to deep center field by Nanez drove in another run for Pasadena, and the score was now 12-0.

In the bottom of the fifth, it was more of the same for the Huskies, as they were unable to score.

Pasadena’s dominant pitcher, Austyn Helmuth, continued to stifle the Huskies, and the game was called early due to the mercy rule.

Unfortunately for the Huskies, this loss marked their ninth defeat in the last 10 games, highlighting the need for improvement in the team’s performance.

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