VPAM launches new exhibit

By Soleil Cardenas

The Vincent Price Art Muesuem’s new exhibit is a tribute to Goh Choo San. Goh was a Singeporean choreographer who made an impact in promient ballet companies in Asia, Europe and North America. Goh died at 39 years old from an AIDS-related illness. 

Despite the large impact made by Goh, his legacy is left out of queer, cultural and dance history. To honor the choregraphy work of Goh, the exhibit showcases a 13 minute long video of choregrapher and dancer Joshua Serafin loosely based on Goh’s neo-classical ballet. Serafin collaborated with Nathan Mercury Kim to produce this key central component of the exhibit. 

The video features Serafin dancing in a black room to exhilirating music. The music featured is from KIRARA; the artist is a transgender composer and musician from Seoul that created the soundtrack to re-energize queer life and experiences. The exhibit is a collabaration of work and pieces from queer artists that forms new connections and history.   

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