American Red Cross should continue offering appealing incentives

By Jonathan Bermudez

The American Red Cross is giving limited edition Snoopy shirts for donating blood and it’s the best incentive they have ever given. 

It seems like the American Red Cross is heavy on promoting Snoopy shirts to get people to donate blood as it’s been promoted via social media. First it was promoted on TikTok, then on an Instagram ad urging viewers to sign up to donate blood and get a shirt.

Snoopy is a very popular character and the thought of having a shirt with him on it  for doing something as noble as donating blood seemed easy to do. Since high school the American Red Cross buses would arrive on the school grounds and classmates would donate blood. 

However, it was only for movie tickets. Movie tickets never seemed worth losing a pint of blood, especially with how risky donating blood can be to one’s health. Most people love tangible objects that last long. A movie ticket is a one time use thing. It allows you to see any movie for free but what if the movie is bad or if the person loses the ticket?

The shirt lasts longer than the ticket and it has the beloved character Snoopy on it. While sitting in the American Red Cross RV, there were some first time donors and they were there to receive the Snoopy shirt in return for donating blood. Some of them weren’t students at East Los Angeles College but most of the other locations were booked. Once it was known that a free Snoopy shirt was being given, appointments were quickly booked. Since it is a limited edition shirt it makes it more persuasive to donate blood to get the shirt.. 

The craze for the shirt seems to be getting out of hand though. Lately it’s been seen that the shirt is being sold on eBay for $250 and $120 on Mercari. Some people are selling knock-offs on Etsy and Redbubble. The shirt is creating a lot of commotion right now and the American Red Cross needs to take note. People are doing a lot for this shirt and it’s definitely bringing a lot more awareness to the American Red Cross. Hopefully, they can do something like this again because it has been beneficial to the American Red Cross.

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