Combined registration allows enrollment one semester in advance

By Jonathan Bermudez

Combined registration for Summer and Fall semesters began on Monday the 17th. 

Students who are qualified can now enroll in classes for summer and fall at the same time. This plan was implemented so that students can have an easier time planning their courses for the future. With combined registration, students can now plan what courses are needed to transfer and the courses they need for a degree ahead of the next school semester. 

Due to legislation policy Title 5, LACCD created three tiers that show the qualifications for combined registration. 

The first tier consists of students in the programs: Calworks, DSPS, EOPS, Foster Youth and Activate Duty/Veterans. The second tier consists of students in Athletics, College Promise and Completion. The last tier consists of students who have completed a certain amount of units. Each tier has a different date for when the students can start enrolling in both semesters. 

“Even though there are three tiers, they are only given three days for priority registration between the tiers,” Associate Vice Chancellor Betsy Regalado said. Regalado said that since there are only three days for priority registration between the three tiers she encourages students to take advantage of the combined registration.

“It saddens me to say but most students don’t take advantage when the system opens,” said Regalado. She said that data showed that a low percentage of students enroll during priority registration. 

She speculates that maybe some students wait till they can see other classes in different semesters. She hopes to see that data change with combined registration. 

Students will also be allowed to enroll in subsequent classes with combined registration. 

“The system will assume the student will be passing the prerequisite course,” said Regalado. Students who enroll in English 101 in the summer will be allowed to enroll in English 102 in the Fall at the same time. She said that those who do not pass will be notified that they have to drop the subsequent class. 

“We are not trying to give people a heads up and others not,” said  LACCD Trustee David Vela.  He said the combined registration is to help those who are at a disadvantage. He said the board is trying to further the goals of those who need help. 

Regalado said that with open registration being earlier than it’s ever been, she doesn’t see anyone being at a disadvantage if they are not qualified. She said that students who are not enrolled in programs or qualify yet will still have the advantage for next semester when combined registration opens for winter and spring semesters.

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