End excessive charges for graduates

By Max Miranda

Colleges need to make graduation package prices more affordable to all students. Graduation is a milestone in life that you cherish every second of. 

You work hard to get your degree and you get to celebrate this achievement with your friends, family and loved ones. 

However, that might not be the case for some students who are graduating at the end of this spring semester.

Graduation is less than a month away and the price to purchase the cap, gown, hood and tassel package is $50 plus tax. 

Some students may not be able to afford this package and won’t be able to walk at graduation. 

Imagine not being able to walk on stage and receive your degree because you couldn’t afford to pay for a cap and gown.

Not only would the students be irate about it, but imagine how their parents would feel. 

If this is the reason their student can’t walk on stage, the parents should definitely have a talk with the school about the prices.

The most obvious answer would be to lower the prices. Most schools have the tendency to sell items for an unfair price. 

What they need to learn is that not every student is financially stable. While students may have a job and go to school, they still have to pay for things that are bigger than buying a graduation package.

If hundreds of students speak up about it, then the school might consider lowering the prices. It would make the school look bad and would be talked about for years on end.

The college should do what’s right for the students. Students should not miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Graduating is an achievement that may have not been reached by anyone in their family and they get to be the first ones to do it.

Whether this changes or not, students should want their voice to be heard so that maybe there will be a change in the future. 

Students should graduate and not be left in the dark because they don’t have the money to pay for the items.

Even if they can’t afford the package, the college should at least give you the option to rent out the package for the day. That would make this whole situation a whole lot easier than paying $50 plus tax for a package that you’re only going to wear once.

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