Women’s wrestling takes third at CCCAA tournament

By Adonia Burciaga

The women’s wrestling team placed third at the California Community College Athletic Association on Saturday. 

The small team of seven won every match, in both the individual and dual tournaments. 

This is the first time the women’s wrestling team competed at the CCCAA tournament. 

The team had nine pinfalls and one decision. 

Wrestler Miya Galvan pinned Santa Ana College’s Kristen Ravelo which allowed the team to secure third place. 

Head coach Miguel Soto said, “The team did a great job this season, and I can’t wait to see where they end up next season.”

Soto also said, “I am excited to see what their GPA is going to look like at the end of the semester.” 

Soto is known for caring about the wrestler’s success outside the wrestling room. 

He makes sure the wrestlers are enrolled in 12 units and passing their courses. 

Soto implemented grade checks for wrestlers and requires them to be on track to transfer in the future.

He recruited several wrestlers that placed in state and national competitions in high school. 

Soto shared that coach Angel Solis, the team assistant, has been a great help this season. 

Solis has been coaching high school women’s wrestling for a few years. 

Solis has coached women wrestlers to place in state and national competitions and the high school level.

Soto knew Solis’ coaching experience would be a big help at the college level.

Soto coaches both the women’s and men’s wrestling teams. 

He said that team captain Delilah Rhiannon Felix-Lopez had a great work ethic this season and was undefeated in the CCCAA tournament. 

Soto also said competitor Isabella Calle is a state champion that was also undefeated in the CCCAA tournament.

In preparation for the tournament, the wrestlers did runs, some weightlifting and spent time in the wrestling room. 

In the wrestling room they spent about two hours learning different techniques and strategies. 

Felix-Lopez said, “I feel we did so well for a small team, compared to other teams who had more girls.” 

Felix-Lopez said the coaches were very kind and willing to answer any of their questions throughout the season. 

The team was able to bond because they already knew each other from the summer sessions.

Solis said the biggest hurdle during the tournament was not having enough competitors. 

Both coaches said that the team was very dedicated throughout the entire season, so placing third at the CCCAA tournament was a bittersweet moment for them. 

The coaching staff did a lot of recruiting this year; the women’s wrestling team plans to have at least 25 wrestlers next season.

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