Family-oriented club plans campus outreach

By Joseph Hernandez

The Child Family & Education Studies Club hosted their final meeting of the semester to discuss current and future plans they have. 

The Child Family & Education Studies Club is an all-inclusive club that looks to assist and create a community for students, hosting workshops, events and fundraisers for them.

Club President Jose Inguanzo said, “ The ultimate goal is to build relationships within the college community and provide them with a club that’ll help them break out of their shells.” 

The club may be all-inclusive, but they still provide assistance for child development majors by having tutors and group sessions, discussing anything to do with child development.

The meeting started off with Club President Inguanzo going over plans for May and June. On Monday they hosted their final fundraiser where they sold art supplies or snacks. 

They are currently looking for volunteers to help set up an event for the Child Family Education Studies Department on May 27. The department has this event every spring semester to recognize students who’ll receive their certificate for child development. 

On June 9, they will host an event called Family Day Friday for club members to come together with their families to have a good time as a club. 

They called for a minimum of three participants to represent their club for the Husky Bowl on Friday; no member participated yet. The Husky Bowl is a competition where clubs meet each semester to compete through various games and activities. 

The The Child Family & Education Studies Club will be participating in an event with the PBS SoCal Kids program again in the fall semester. This will be the second time they work with PBS. Earlier in the year, the club participated with the program on Family Learning Day at the Child Development Center.

Club President Inguanzo said that the event for next semester will play out the same way as the last event. 

During the Meeting, a member said they’ve raised a total of $1,000 this semester through the fundraisers they’ve hosted. The fundraisers mainly consisted of them selling snacks and art supplies for students at a cheap cost. 

They used the money by donating $500 toward the Child Development Department to help their graduates pay for their sashes. The rest usually gets used toward paying for club activities, giving back to the community, and paying for food and supplies for the club. 

The The Child Family & Education Studies Club adviser, Professor Maria Rivas, was given a gift out of appreciation from every club member. The gift included a golden apple trophyand a card with every member’s name on it.

“You are the ones that keep me going and you are the ones that motivate me,” said Professor Rivas. 

The The Child Family & Education Studies Club also discussed an idea for a conference to be held in the fall semester. 

Rivas suggested the idea of doing a conference for students, where they go into break-out rooms and discuss topics that will be focused on; this is all they have planned for now.

The The Child Family & Education Studies Club will return in the fall semester with no specific date yet.

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