IT searches for answers

By Marc Anthony Martinez

The Learning Assistance Center’s computers are freezing while students are using them for school work.

The East Los Angeles College Information Technology Department has run tests on the front row of computers that have been freezing, but has not been able to figure out what the problem is. 

The ELAC IT Department had no comment to ongoing issue.

An IT employee, who wished to remain anonymous , said the department is trying to figure out the issue, but there is nothing they can do if they don’t have screenshots of the exact moment of freezing. 

Elizabeth Arroyo, Learning Center instructional aid, said she does not know what is causing the problem, but some of the center’s instructors believe the freezing incidents are linked with students using the Canvas website. 

Arroyo said freezing usually happens when students are doing homework, opening files, going to a different link or watching videos on Canvas.

She said there are weeks when no freezing happens, then other weeks when it does. It is unknown when or why it’s happening.

Arroyo said the center has other options for students when it comes to online school work. “Keep coming,. We have other options whether computer or laptop,” Arroyo said.

She said students can borrow laptops long-term from the IT department.

The problem seems to only be impacting the Learning Center. 

Librarian Rita Saurez said she hasn’t heard of any issues in the library. She said that ever since the library switched the computers to have Central Processing Units they haven’t had as many issues as before when they were running with a software base virtual machine.

Arroyo said IT is switching the Learning Center to the same computer system as the library to see if the freezing problems stop. This idea is that the system will react similarly to the library’s and cause no further issues.

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