Nursing student yearns for success

By Jaime De Haro

Ambitious, methodical, and hard-working are three words to describe Nancy Tapia, a nursing student at East Los Angeles College

Her challenges in life have become motivations to succeed. Tapia defines work-life balance as the ability to manage a full-time/part-time job without neglecting your personal life and responsibilities. 

As a student, parent, and worker she finds it hard to maintain a work-life balance sometimes. She currently works as a phlebotomist, manages a small venue, and cleans/organizes hobs to receive an income. 

“I have three part-time jobs that I spread out throughout the week. I work three days a week at a hospital as a phlebotomist. 

“On Fridays and/or Saturdays I manage a small venue that is used for filming commercials, photoshoots and different other events. And throughout the week I fit in cleaning/organizing hobs, which are my main source of income,” Tapia said.

Tapia’s challenges as a parent have given her a hard time in terms of balancing a work-life environment. Although it may be tough, she finds it as a motivation to be her best self every single day. 

She has managed a system where she is able to make time for work, class, homework and more by having an extra hand whenever she may need it. While having this system in place, she always reassures that it doesn’t neglect her duties and responsibilities as a parent. She explained her parental status as the most significant thing in her life.

“The most significant thing in my life is being a parent. That is what drives me to be my best self every single day. As hard as things get sometimes, I think that is what keeps me going. 

“I have someone to make time for school and work, while at the same time making sure I don’t neglect my duties and responsibilities as a parent,” said Tapia. 

Tapia said her education means everything to her.

 “My major is nursing. I will be graduating with two associate degrees this summer and will transfer and work on getting my Bachelor of Science in nursing. 

“I plan on becoming licensed, and after I gain some experience, work towards getting a Masters in nursing and work as a midwife nurse,” said Tapia.

Her older sister, Jocabec Flores, has watched her grow as a mom, student and person. She views her as strong, independent and confident. 

Jocabec was worried about Tapia’s future as a single mom. However, she is happy that Tapia wants to be a nurse and that she is following her dreams. Flores said that the only piece of advice she can give her is to never give up on her dreams.

Tapia is self-driven and versatile. As strengths, they have allowed her to guide herself while being in situations where she had no guidance. 

In terms of her weaknesses, she says that she is “self-critical and sort of a perfectionist.” She is always looking for ways to better herself and always finds a way to achieve anything she sets her mind to.

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