Student mental health resources free, available

By Marc Anthony Martinez

The Student Health Center offers college students multiple mental health resources for free each semester students attend.

Students can go to the Student Health Center on the main campus if they feel like they have any symptoms of mental health issues.  

Via Care Community Health Center provides medical and mental health to ELAC  students. 

Students can get help with dealing with stress from school, issues with family and anxiety. Students can also get information on Diversabilities Support Program and Services learning. 

Getting help comes in many ways, from individual therapy, group therapy, support  groups and other programs that can be found in the Student Health Center. 

First generation students attending college deal with a lot of these symptoms.  

New students may feel scared or concerned about getting help, but there are people on hand to help. Karla Juarez, who works in the Student Health Center, said, “If there’s a new student that is scared for whatever reason, we have two therapists that can help.”  

There’s also a stigma around men getting help when it comes to mental health. 

This can lead to them dropping out or struggling with how to deal with complex emotions. 

“Mental health is a big barrier for men when it comes to attending college and continuing their education,” Juarez said.

Women tend to seek help when it comes to mental health, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some women that don’t go for help. 

The resources available on campus are for both men and women to take advantage of during their time at ELAC.

If there’s someone that might be dealing with any type of struggle, there is always help. 

Sometimes talking to a friend or classmate that might be going through the same thing can help. 

It might be a scary thing to talk about with others, but it might be what is needed to take the first step in getting better.  

Other ways to help with mental health are the meetings and groups that the Student Health Center holds. 

These meetings focus on stress management and other types of mental issues. 

Other programs include the Screening and Treatment for anxiety and Depression program and Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse. 

The STAND program helps with virtual health support.  

LA.CADA focuses on mental health for men.  

Students should take advantage of these programs.

 “All of that can help with success,”  Juarez said.

Students can keep up with all of the events and groups that are part of the Student Health Center by following them on their social media accounts. 

Instagram @elacstudenthealth, Facebook ELAC Student Health, Twitter @ElacHealth. 

The Student Health Center is made up of professionals who can identify with the situations student are going through and help.

If you’re dealing with suicidal thoughts or self-harm, the 24-Hour suicide prevention hotline number is 988 or call 911.

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