Theater presents true story in Black-American history

By Alina Perez

The production of “The African Company Presents Richard III,” with a two-hour running time, has a visually entertaining quality.

Director Rodney Lloyd Scott showcased a true story in Black American History.

Twenty five years ago, Lloyd Scott played James Hewlett at the Kennedy Center’s Festival of Scenes. 

He was ecstatic to be able to showcase the same show here at East Los Angeles College.

Lloyd Scott’s reasoning for choosing this specific piece to put on was the time frame. 

“Systematic racism is just as alive as it was 200 years ago” he said.

The purpose of The African Theatre Company presents Richard III is to tell the story of one of the first African American theater companies and some of the struggles they encountered with the white theater companies who would try and shut them down no matter the reason.

There was an amazing outcome of supporters in the audience and the energy in the room was lively. 

The cast does an amazing job of keeping everyone entertained. The set is filled with props. The soundtrack for the play is great. 

Lloyd Scott mentions in the program that he has asked a few producers who have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry to help and they all agreed to help with this “special project.”

Associate director Marina Love Chavez said she is very proud of all the actors considering some of them had never acted before and this was their first ever show. 

Peter Lopez Bolaños, who plays Papa Shakespeare, got his chance in the spotlight when he stepped up from being an understudy after the leading actor had dropped out of the production a few weeks prior to the showcase.

Lopez has the ability to make the crowd laugh with his wonderful presence and eagerness to put on a show. 

Kevin Nichols, who plays James Hewlett, puts on one heck of a show. 

Nichols amazes the audience with his performance. He is able to project and step into the role that the wonderful director had previously played himself.

Both Lloyd Scott and Chavez said that they were amazed by the outcome of guests and the audience. 

“It was a bit difficult for me seeing as I am not African American, but director Rodney helped me in doing my research and I feel confident in myself” Chaves said.

Faith Acosta, a current student athlete at ELAC said, “The play was so captivating, from the talented actors, to the set and visuals and material the play covered makes it an overall must watch.” 

This was the first play that Acosta had attended from school and also mentioned that it certainty won’t be her last.

The play will continue on until May 21. Tickets are available online and in-person at the P2 office.

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