Painting used as distraction before finals

By Steven Adamo

Students took a moment away from studying for finals on May 18 to participate in a tote bag painting session hosted by the STAND program. 

STAND is a partnership between the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, UCLA and East Los Angeles College. 

Free tote bags were available, including several tubes of acrylic paints in an array of colors.

 All the necessary tools such as brushes, wax paper to mix colors and a cup of water to wash out the brushes were provided for students.

Nicole Mendoza, STAND student ambassador and coach, said that it is important for the students to, “have that moment for themselves.”

Mendoza said that painting a tote bag is a quick task, something that can be done while waiting for the next class or to just, “get out of your head.” 

Lindsey Cisneros is one such student. She learned about the event from the ASU’s Instagram account and used the opportunity as a distraction from finals. 

Cisneros is in the middle of finals for Photography, Kinesiology and Health and said that the workshop helped her relieve stress. 

While painting the Dodger’s LA logo on the side of the tote bag, Cisneros said that it was good to take some time to alleviate some of the pressures of finals. 

Earlier this semester, Mendoza and others from STAND also hosted a rock-painting workshop; the painted rocks were passed around and placed all around ELAC. Mendoza said that events like these benefit the mental health of students. 

Students who opt-in to the STAND program may be compensated up to $275. 

For more information on the STAND program, visit 

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