Student abroad trip to Mexico planned for winter session

By Marissa Valles

Students have the opportunity to study abroad in Mexico with ELAC’s Center for Global Education and Engagement.

The trip will take place in Oaxaca from Jan. 11 to Jan. 24 during the winter session. 

To be able to attend the trip, students must enroll in Anthropology 185. 

The course will be taught by ELAC professor Julie Bernard.

“We are going to be going to some of the most famous archeological sites and students will have a chance to study anthropology up-close and hands-on,” Bernard said.

Bernard said the trip will focus on studying colonialism, culture identity and cultural preservation. 

There will be daily lectures and guided visits throughout the area. 

Students will get a chance to visit archeological sites including Monte Albàn and Guila Naquitz. 

Monte Albàn is a world heritage site famous for its ruins. 

Gula Naquitz is a cave that is known for being the earliest evidence for domestication of crops. 

Students will also visit the village of Teotitlàn del Valle which is known for its population of artisans and weavers. 

Students will have the opportunity to witness textile-making firsthand and purchase crafts from the village’s people.

During the trip, students will be staying in a hostel located in Oaxaca City. Although breakfast and lunch will be provided everyday, students will be responsible for their dinner on most evenings.

ELAC professor Norma Vega said this should not be a cause for concern.

“There are an abundance of places to eat cheaply in Oaxaca. [The state] is one of the biggest culinary sites in the world,” Vega said. 

ELAC professor Lynn Vogel-Zuidreg encouraged students to participate in the trip because there are a number of benefits. 

In addition to earning credit while seeing the world, students have the opportunity to broaden their cultural intelligence.

“The more you travel, the more you can learn and the more you can grow into being a global citizen,” Vogel-Zuidreg said. 

Students who are interested in attending the trip must have a valid passport. 

Since getting or renewing a passport can take time, students are urged to take care of this as soon as possible.

Of all the 3 traveling abroad options that ELAC offers, the Oaxaca trip is the one that generates the most interest. 

“We are aiming to take at least 20 students on the trip,” ELAC professor Norma Vega said. 

Students don’t have to be an Anthropology major to go on the trip. 

Everyone from all academic disciplines is invited to join. 

Anyone who may be interested in attending the trip can contact Norma Vega and Lynn Vogel-Zuidreg through email:

For information about the course Anthropology 185, contact Professor Julie Bernard through email,

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