‘Dead Island 2’ features new graphics and expansions for gamers

By Leonardo Cervantes

Dead Island 2 is the latest blood-filled intense zombie game that gamers will love. It’s set in Los Angeles except there are thousands of mindless bloody zombies ready to devour humans. 

It’s a first-person role-playing game with dark humor, extensive details and gorey-filled LA streets. There are countless hordes of enemies and areas to explore with extensive weapons to choose from so gamers will never have a dull moment. 

Dead Island 2 is a long-anticipated sequel to Dead Island which was released in 2011. While there have been countless zombie games released since 2011, Dead Island 2’s selling point is the extensive details and loveable cast.

Players can choose to play as Bruno, Jacob, Amy, Carla, Dani or Ryan. They all have unique abilities and skills which makes choosing a killing approach towards zombies different from one another. Each character has their own backstory so that leads to more of an interest for players to play as each to understand the full story. 

Many of the characters have witty and hilarious one-line jokes that will keep players engaged throughout all the mindless zombie killings.

With current-generation console gaming, the graphics look marvelous and make for an enjoyable experience. The first-person point of view shows players time that they’re holding in their hands and the countless army of zombies that lie ahead of them. Dead Island 2 has a multitude of weapons available to choose from and is divided into 5 different sections. 

The five different weapon classes start with common, uncommon, rare, superior and legendary. Each weapon can also be modified to improve the strength and ability of each weapon. There are wide ranges of axes, golf clubs, pipes, swords, knives, guns and fire to choose from. Switching and finding weapons adds to the experience so the countless killing of zombies with the few same weapons doesn’t feel repetitive.

‘Dead Island 2’ features 6 playable characters and the user can choose to play as any that he wants. While all the endings are the same no matter the player’s choice the outcome toward the end is different and improves replayability options in the future. Many times people are skeptical of buying lesser-known single-player games because once they complete the game there aren’t many other modes or tasks to complete. 

Well, ‘Dead Island 2’ gives fans a chance to replay and complete the game without feeling like they are replaying the exact same missions. There is already an expansion pass available to purchase that includes new weapons, missions, and areas to explore.

Players will need to progress through the story and play a few missions in order to unlock the multiplayer feature. Once unlocked players will get the option to choose public where anybody can join your game mode or invite-only where specific people players invite can join their game mode.

‘Dead Island 2’ is rated M and is available to play on PS5, PS4, Xbox one, Series S, Series X and Microsoft Windows. There are a few special editions of the game but the standard cost is $69.99.

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