‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ out performs last 2 films

By Adonia Burciaga

The Guardian’s of the Galaxy attempt to settle down after the chaos Thanos caused. 

The movie begins by showing the result of what Thanos had caused. Peter was still mourning Gamora even though she was not really dead. The Guardian’s had settled in a place where they were very stable. 

Adam Warlock had arrived on their planet looking for Rocket to return to him his creator High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary threatened to kill Warlock if he did not return Rocket to him.

Warlock caused chaos on the planet, he flew through many buildings causing them to be destroyed. 

Warlock had stabbed which led the Guardian’s finding out that Rocket had a kill switch. Rocket was on his deathbed. 

The guardian’s later on found out that Rocket was an experiment made by The High Evolutionary. 

During the movie it is shown that Rocket was the smartest amongst the other experiments. Rocket was a part of a certain batch known as batch 89. Batch 89 was only used to test out The High Evolutionary’s plan of building the perfect society. 

The Higher Evolutionary later on realized that he could use Rocket’s brain to create a smarter society of animals.

Nebula had asked the old Gamora for help since she had joined The Ravagers. The Ravagers are known as the pirates of space. The Ravagers were able to help the Guardian’s save Rocket.

Peter was very weirded out by having the old Gamora with them while they tried to save Rocket’s life.

Peter was still mourning the future Gamora who was killed in Infinity War by her father Thanos. 

The old Gamora was brought back during Endgame when Thanos had attempted to take the infinity stones again. 

Peter kept trying to convince Gamora that they were in love but Gamora kept pushing him away.

The Guardian’s were able to get into Orgocorp and get Rocket’s file to see if they were able to save him. 

They were able to get Rocket’s file but it did not save Rocket. The file had videos of Rocket when he was smaller. The video showed the torture he endured while being an experiment for The High Evolutionary.  

The file was no use so the Guardian’s had decided to go directly to The High Evolutionary planet known as Counter Earth. Counter Earth was the “perfect society” that The High Evolutionary made which later on he had destroyed. 

The Guardian’s had a plan of destroying recorder Theel and steal the piece that was in his head that contained the pass key that later on saved Rocket’s life.

Chris Patt did a great job at showing sorrow throughout the movie. Compared to the other Guardians of the Galaxy this one had the most action, heartbreak and some rage.

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