The ‘Nun 2’ lacks horror, doesn’t live up to high standards

By Priscilla Hernandez

The ninth film of the Conjuring Universe was released on Friday “The Nun 2,” directed by Michael Chaves, who is also known for directing “The Conjuring,” “The Devil Made Me Do it” and “The Curse of La LLorona.” 

Approximately an hour and 50 minutes and here are some things that should be known before buying a ticket to go watch this movie. 

The official trailer was released two months ago by Warner Bros. Due to the popularity and fan base the Conjuring Universe generates, many people seemed to be very excited for this movie to come out. 

This film could’ve been a  fun way to start spooky activities with the start of fall and all the festivities approaching but not everyone may feel this way. 

“The Nun” is a part of the Conjuring Universe, which are other films that tie storylines together. People who have yet to see “The Nun” and “The Conjuring” should not line up to see the film.

The two films contain very important aspects and scenes that tie to “The Nun 2.” 

Watching this film before watching the others can create a negative experience for the viewer.

There are scenes that are put in the movie to give fans a moment of realization. 

For instance it could make a fan think, “Oh my gosh, this is why a certain character is the way they are,” but others may think it is just a backstory that will go with a possible new movie. 

Some of the movies that are in this series are based on a true story, but it’s important to remember that “The Nun 2” is not based on a true story, but based on mythology. 

The mythology follows the idea of Valak, a demon who was an angel but was rejected by God and was sent to hell. 

Knowing this information helps give viewers a deeper look into the film. Since it is not based on a true story, there is no reason to follow a certain sequence of events to keep the film as real as the story. 

All fans of horror movies love the sense of anticipation and the random jumpscares. Unfortunately, this film did not generate any of these feelings. 

The audience was looking forward to random jumpscares and scenes that gave them goosebumps. However, most jumpscares were very obvious and took away from that horror-like feeling. 

The best way to describe this film is that it feels like you’re watching almost a documentary type of film, but they wanted to add a horror sense. 

The film lacked what the previous movies had which was the thrill aspect. 

As someone who is caught up with the Conjuring Universe, it was still exciting because it helps put a puzzle together of how all the movies create a timeline. 

But for anyone who is not interested in that, save your money and wait for it to come out on a streaming service.

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