Theater Department hosts orientation for future ELAC students

By Henry Caceres

 Theater Department leaders went through the different classes offered at ELAC and the multiple opportunities that can lead one to professional jobs within their theatrical career.

The theater department hosted an orientation last Thursday for any fresh Huskies who were interested in being part of the thespian world.

Students were warmly welcomed by the staff of the theater department with big smiles and excited body language. 

Theater Manager Natalie Wong opened the meeting with an inviting welcome and introduced the program through a presentation which started with their mission statement. 

“ELAC Theater is committed to building a creative, inclusive, and dynamic learning environment that celebrates individual difference and diversity,” said Wong.

Afterward Department Chair Hashi Stone introduced the social media accounts of the program. 

She went on to talk about the upcoming shows. 

The thespians of East Los Angeles have made a deal with other two colleges to create something special and unique to the community college theater system. 

They have partnered with Valley College and Los Angeles City College to create their version of a three part production. East Los Angeles College will be opening this new “Faith: A Mexican Trilogy,” during their fall production season, while Valley College will continue the production with a sequel.

 Los Angeles City College will end the three-part production. The best part to consider when talking about this new event is that every production will be performed at the Latino Theater Company. 

These productions will have their show dates revealed soon.  

Alongside the regular staff of the department were two representatives from the Center Theater Group.

 They had come to talk about their upcoming internships available to students trying to get into the craft, whether it is backstage work or onstage. 

Toward the end of the presentation, the Performance East Club Board spoke about their club and invited  the audience to join.

 Many theater classes will be open for short term fall semester and winter classes will be available to students campus wide.

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