‘Once Piece’ live action charms audiences

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

The unparalleled “One Piece” live action anime adaptation released August 31 captures the spirit and charm of the anime through it’s mostly pefect casting and world building. 

Unlike many other adaptations, like Bleach or Cowboy Bebop with poor acting and delivery of the projects.

The “One Piece” live action breaks the trend of poor adaptation by taking its time to establish the foundation of the world.

 There are a few flaws  in the show such as Laudo Liebenberg portraying Benn Beckman while neither looking like the original charcter nor capturing his essence. 

Kuro, played by Alexander Maniatis, being written with villainous attitudes makes the revelation of him being a true villain weak.

The show isn’t a one to one, yet the performance and integrity is intact.

 The live action “One Piece” does better in pacing its story instead of cutting content out.  

The show covers episodes 1 through 57 of the anime in 8 episodes and are roughly around 45 minutes each.

 The live action script gives backstory to help develop character motives and traits. 

Sanji, played by Taz Skylar, and his chief teacher Zeff, played by Craig Fairbrass, are stuck on an island and have little food to survive on. 

When Sanji finds out they ran out of food when he discovers that Zeff cut his own leg so Sanji doesn’t have to eat leftovers since he hates it. 

After this event Sanji became hostile to those who waste food. 

 The acting from “One Piece” by far the most authentic for each character and their interaction with each other. 

Instead of mimicking the dialog exactly like the anime, they are a spirited version of them. The mannerisms, the dialog between each other feels organic. 

An antagonist named Buggy, played by Jeff Ward,  who is a pirate clown is the best example. 

He is very devious yet very silly with his antics. Unlike Avatar,  where the dialog between the characters felt unnatural and forced like talking to a program computer with a set of responses. 

 This piece of live action can be equally enjoyed by dedicated “One Piece” fans and new viewers alike. This show is a great blend of anime and live action, as well a great homage to the anime fans who get a new outlet to appreciate a their favorite series. 

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