District breaking language barriers for students

By Priscilla Hernandez

The Los Angeles Community College District is breaking barriers by adding classes that will be taught in foreign languages such as Spanish. 

By including these course options, LACCD will allow those who don’t speak English as a first language to continue their academic pathway without worrying about the language barrier. 

The benefit that students may be able to learn concepts they already understand in there first language. 

This could greatly contribute to more students returning to schools because they would finally be able to grasp entire concepts of courses traditionally taught in English.

Many students are not able to reach their full potential because they don’t have access to these types of class in their first langauge. 

For non-native English speakers that want to continue learning about subjects such as math or science, it’s extermely unfortunate that language   is one of the largest barriers they face. 

When they decide to further their education, it seems nearly impossible because learning a subject in a different language becomes labor. 

This scenario can discourage returning students and cause them to drop classes. 

 This can result in students settling for less; they can not succeed without taking more classes, but those classes are taught in a language foreign to them.

This can lead to non-native Engish speaking students working low-wage jobs when they are more than of capable of aquiring a degree for a higher paying job. 

The addition of classes taught in a foreign language benefits students wanting to make a better life for themselves. 

Even students who do have  accessto these resources still have the downside of being required to take an English second language course as well. 

For some, this could potentially be a set back or waste of time. 

ESL courses are not beneficial for these students because they understand basic English. 

They may have just chosen to take the course that directly contribute toward earning a degree in their foreign language.

 It would be the better option for them to gain the most out of a course by taking it in their first language and knowing they will fully grasp the concept.

Assemblyman Mike Fong has introduced California Bill 1096, which will help those who don’t need an ESL course. 

If this bill gets passed,  it would eliminate the requirement of taking an ESL course at community colleges. 

Considering that California has one of the highest percentages of foreign language speakers, adding courses that are taught in a foreign language would be beneficial. 

This  bill  has  the  opportunity to create environments where minorities can thrive. 

It would be amazing to see the percentage of minorities being hired for jobs that reqiure degrees to increase

 It would also be beneficial to companies because they could reach out to more foreign clients since they would have multilingul employees.

LACCD Trustee Gabriel Buelna said she wants to see this be incorporated in courses such as math, biology, literature and more.

 A language barrier isn’t a valid reason for people to not have an equal opportunity for higher paying jobs. 

The creating of these courses will provide proof that these potential candidates are successful when provided resources.

This bill would be a major step in creating equal opportunities to those who have felt held back for many years.

 This would be a game changer for generations to come. 

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