‘Ahsoka’ slow pace may leave viewers uninterested

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

“Star Wars,” has been creating live action TV series since the introduction of “Mandalorian” in 2019. 

To further deepen a rich universe that fans already appreciate even with certain projects being a poor representation of the universe. As the hype for more live action TV series continues. 

Fans have been anticipating more for Ahsoka to get a personal show for her deep, emotional, and character development through her first introduction of the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated movie in 2008. Further expanded upon in two animated TV series of ‘Star Wars: Rebels” and the “ Star Wars: The Clone Wars” TV series.

The story of Ahsoka played by Rosario Dawson, who is now an adult. The show picks up after the fall of the empire and establishment of the New Republic.  

The Ahsoka show delivers an expanding story that is mediocre. 8 episodes roughly 40 minutes each episode. 

 Following Ahsoka Tano’s journey to find Thrawn, an Imperial Grand Admiral,  played by Lars Mikkelsen who is a threat for being one of the smartest strategists in the universe. 

The main plot of the show is locating Thrawn since a group  is trying to locate him and bring him back into the known universe. 

The pacing of the show is by far the slowest out of any live action TV series from Star Wars Disney. Taking three episodes to really get into the plot. 

The directing and dialogue to the characters take up the majority of the time.

 Such as when Ahsoka retrieved the map and couldn’t unlock it. That’s when her apprentice Sabine Wren played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo, took the map since it deals with one of her friends that was dead now potentially being alive. 

Taking almost half of episode 3 to decipher a map could have been done in Ashoka’s personnel ship. 

The choreography of the light saber fights are not consistent but some do shine more than others. 

The duel between Sabrine and Shin Hati played by Ivanna Sakhno during episode 4 is one of the best for this season. Sabrine struggles to fight Shin who has more talent with the force. 

Shine struggles with the fight but is still trying to use the force. 

The worst fight by far is Ahsoka vs Baylon Skoll played by Ray Stevenson. 

The fight choreography looked like they waited for each other to finish a preset attack until the other person would make the next move. The fight was not exciting or impactful. 

What’s great about the slow pace is introducing characters that fans have been introduced from previous shows like “Star Wars: Rebels”. 

Example is General Hera Syndulla played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Establishing their position and emotional connection to Ahsoka.  

Being able to establish characters that aren’t known to the wider public that aren’t into the lore.   

 By far the best character of the show is Thrawn. 

Whose actor does an excellent job of playing his character.  

The best scene is when Thrawn asked to get information about Ahsoka. 

When finding out who Ahsoka’s master was, his respect for Ashoka’s master and his change of demeanor showed with great facial experiences. 

Then proceeds to collect himself and change his battle plan against Ahsoka. 

What makes a Star Wars scene impactful is the importance of the conflict and location. “Ahsoka”show is by far the most basic of any Star Wars media. 

With the generic mystery planets one called Seatos, that held an ancient civilization from another galaxy. 

That is only relevant because of the map device being used in a ruined temple to locate Thrawn. 

The scene could be impactful if it took place in locations that have significant impact like a fortress world that was once held by Thrawn. 

The best scene by far was the interaction between Ahsoka and Anakin Skywalker played by Hayden Christensen. 

Interacting well Ashoka was knocked  unconscious. The scene is Anakin trying to give Ashoka a final lesson, about fighting and surviving. 

They have a small fight till Anakin outsmarts Ashoka and transitions to a battlefield to which the lesson that Anakin is trying to teach Ashoka. 

They argue and Anakin and Ahsoka fight again. 

Ashoka gets the upper hand and tells Anakin that she wants to live.  

The show delivers a safe approach to help newcomers enjoy an expanding universe with new faces with each project produced. 

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