Cameras still not fixed

By Max Miranda

Officer Romero of the sheriff’s department on Tuesday followed up on the broken camera situation. 

Romero said that a lot of the cameras are broken. 

“We have access to some cameras, but a lot of the cameras aren’t working and have a lot of blindspots,” Romero said. 

When asked about the broken camera at the parking structure off Floral Dr and Collegian Ave where East Los Angeles College student Steven Adamo’s electric bike was stolen, Romero said that they did not report the broken camera to the IT department since they have multiple broken cameras. 

Romero said that the sheriff’s office has talked to the IT department about upgrading the cameras as a whole and fixing the blind spots. 

He said that it has been a few years since the cameras were discussed with IT. 

Romero said that students that ride bikes on campus should lock their bikes up inside the campus grounds and not on the outskirts of the campus. 

“We ask for students to lock their bikes up inside the campus and not on the outside where there’s too much traffic and where we can’t see on the cameras,” Romero said. 

When asked about the shortage of sheriffs, Romero said that might not be the case, as they have officers, deputies, sheriff and security on campus. 

“We typically have four (officer, deputy, sheriff and security) staffed every early morning, morning and afternoon shift,” Romero said. 

The officer refused to give his first name.

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