Clubs showcase opportunities for semester

By Joseph Hernandez

Showcasing students the clubs and programs in East Los Angeles College through a club fair held in South Gate, sponsored by the Associated Student Union.

After the club fair at ELAC main campus, the South Gate campus was next to host the fair on September 28. 

Clubs and programs from both South Gate and Monterey Park were in attendance at the fair. 

In attendance were also members of the Associated Student Union who were overseeing and talking to students at the fair.

The Associated Student Union is the official student government of ELAC. 

They’re made up of executive officers and senators who seek to represent its constituents. 

ASU advocates the needs of the student body at the college, district, and state levels.

ASU sponsors the club fair as a way for students to discover the different clubs ELAC has to offer. 

“It’s just a way for students to see all the clubs that are here on campus, and they can get involved,” Martin Romero said.

There weren’t that many clubs and programs in attendance at the club fair, but the limited amount still offered something for ELAC students.

Bank of America was in attendance to show students that it’s never too late to open a bank account and help give financial literacy to students. 

They had a QR code set on their table that would take students to their website that shows how they make an appointment. 

The Screening and Treatment for Anxiety & Depression program provides a confidential support program that’s free for most students. 

They also had a calendar set up on their table promoting future workshops they have planned.

The Respiratory Therapy Program is a two-year program that prepares students for a career in the respiratory care field. 

They had medical dummies set on their table to demonstrate and show students what their program is about. 

The chess club was also in attendance. They are located at the South Gate campus. 

They accept students who play chess or want to learn how to play.

They offer an environment for students to come together and play.

The Administration of Justice club offers students who are majoring in law a good perspective of what the field offers with trips, guest speakers such as officers and detectives and discussions about the field. 

The Physics and Astronomy Club is for those who major in the field or are looking to. 

They cover the topic in their meetings and tend to go stargazing as a club.

 Career and Job services offered aid to students; they assisted students with their resume, finding a job at ELAC, and assisted them in finding their major. 

During the club fair, the ASU president, Martin Romero, expressed his feelings on the success of both club fairs at the main and South Gate campus.

“You got different people from different backgrounds mixing together and becoming friends. 

That was amazing, and I really hope that we can continue to replicate that with the help of our students and their support.” Romero said.

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