Singer gets mixed review within Mexican community

By Marina Gutierrez

MTV’s 2023 Video Music Awards makes history with the Peso Pluma Performance. 

Peso Pluma was born in Jalisco, Mexico and is the first Mexican artist to perform on the VMA stage. However, the performance has sparked a wave of mixed reviews and has ignited a passionate debate within the Mexican community. 

While some fellow Hispanics praise this huge milestone, others question his performance’s cultural identity and overall message. 

There is no need for such debate when the reason to support him is simple. 

Pluma’s performance showcased Mexican culture on a global stage, breaking barriers and representing the community.

The current opposing views of his performance is centered around the balance between celebrating representation and ensuring cultural integrity. 

Pluma’s artistic choices he made during the show are being criticized and has raised concerns about being stereotypical rather than an authentic representation of Mexican culture. 

Although typically demeaning, stereotypes have some hint of truth behind them. 

The artistic decisions he made were interpreted as stereotypical because realistically they are quite common in the Mexican culture. 

When in actuality, Pluma’s performance captivated audiences because his incorporation of cultural elements were showcasing a rich and authentic display. 

Some viewers are hesitant to embrace Peso Pluma as the first Mexican artist on the VMA stage because many feel his music is not an accurate representation of traditional Mexican music. 

All music, including Mexican music, evolves over time. 

Pluma is a prime example of a modern-day Mexican artist who brings a fresh and unique perspective to the cultural heritage. 

While some may argue that his songs don’t fully embody the traditional aspects of Mexican music. The truth is his music represents the evolution and 

adaptation of the rich musical traditions. 

It is important to embrace and appreciate the diversity and evolution of music within the community. 

Peso Pluma’s songs are a celebration of Mexican culture and showcase various themes such as love, identity and the beauty of traditions. 

His music blends different genres and styles, creates a special sound that resonates with audiences.

 Some may feel that Peso Pluma’s songs don’t accurately depict the diversity of the Mexican community, because they might prefer different genres or styles that better reflect their experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Music is subjective, and people have different tastes and preferences. It is important to respect and appreciate the diversity of opinions within the community. 

Promoting unity and support within the Mexican community is essential. 

By celebrating the accomplishments of artists like Peso Pluma, Mexicans can foster a sense of togetherness and uplift each other’s talents. 

Embracing a supportive mindset can lead to a stronger and more inclusive community. 

Artistic expression varies per artist, however instead of harshly judging, Hispanics should appreciate the effort and impact his performance has on promoting diversity and inclusivity. 

The Mexican community we need to celebrate and support our own people. 

One’s personal opinion of Peso Pluma’s music should not belittle this huge accomplishment of his. Representation matters.

 Whether you are a fan of his or not, having someone represent on a stage broadcasted around the world, for the first time is something worth taking pride in.

His performance was the first of many accomplishments of Mexican artists yet to come. 

It was about showcasing culture and talent to the world. 

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