‘Kelce’ showcases the NFL players’ decision to continue career or retire

By Max Miranda

Amazon Prime Video’s latest documentary “Kelce” is a documentary worth watching. 

With a runtime of one hour and 42 minutes, it’s a documentary to watch if you’re a big sports fan and want to see what the life of an NFL player is like. 

“Kelce” takes you inside the life of Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce. 

He has to make a big decision in his career. 

Will he play for another season, or will he hang it up?

Kelce was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft and is widely known in the city. 

Many Eagles fans love Kelce for his speech at the Super Bowl parade in 2018, he wore a Mummer’s costume. At the time, the Eagles were considered underdogs that few believed in.

On a radio show in Philadelphia, the host asked Kelce a question that left him a little bit speechless. 

Was the 2022 NFL season going to be his last season? 

Kelce, who was 34-years-old at the time, knew that Father Time was creeping up; he had been contemplating retirement for a few years now. 

Playing as an offensive lineman puts a lot of wear and tear on his body. Kelce takes care of himself as best as he can so that he can still play at a high level. 

The viewer then meets Kylie Kelce, Jason’s wife. Kylie met Kelce on Tinder, and she didn’t know he played for the Eagles. 

When Kylie finds out, she thought it was a catfish. Kelce messaged Kylie to meet up at a bar, and he fell asleep 45 minutes later because he was too intoxicated.

Kelce and Kylie dated and were married in 2018. 

They have two daughters, Wyatt and Elliotte and were expecting their third child in February. 

Seeing Kelce be a father to his daughters is so heartwarming. The music that plays is perfect.

The viewer also meets Kelce’s parents Donna and Ed, and his little brother Travis, a superstar tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Growing up, the brothers played a lot of sports. 

With both of them playing football and Travis playing hockey and Jason playing basketball. Donna knew that she had to make sacrifices for them to play these sports. 

Jason and Travis don’t really interact with each other during the season as they have their own stuff going on. 

So in order to fix that, they decided to make their own podcast. The podcast is called “New Heights,” and can be listened to on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music. 

The Eagles had a lot of expectations going into the 2022 NFL season as they had a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. 

To start the season, they went 8-0 before recording their first loss. 

They didn’t end the season on a high note, but finished the regular season with a record of 14-3, won the NFC East Division and claimed the first seed in the NFC. 

The Eagles steamrolled their competition, dominating the New York Giants in the NFC Divisional Round 38-7. 

The following week, they crushed the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game 31-7. 

The Eagles were going back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2018. 

After Kelce’s game was over, he went to a bar with Donna to go see Travis play in the AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

The game was a nail-biter. Cincinnati committed a crucial penalty in the last minute of the game that allowed Kansas City to get into field goal range and kick a game-winning field goal that sent them to the Super Bowl for the third time in four years. 

Kelce was happy for his brother. That meant they got to face each other in the Super Bowl. 

The media was calling this Super Bowl the “Kelce Bowl” because this was the first time in NFL history that two brothers faced each other.

As the Super Bowl approached, many people wondered if this was going to be Kelce’s final game. 

Eagles and Chiefs, the two best teams in the NFL facing each other on the biggest stage. 

The game was an offensive masterclass as both teams couldn’t stop each other. The game went down until the very end. 

The Eagles got called for a questionable holding call, which gave the Chiefs a fresh set of downs. 

They wounded the clock down to the final seconds and ended the Super Bowl on a game-winning field goal as the Chiefs beat the Eagles 38-35. 

As confetti is flying down, Kelce went to congratulate Travis on winning his second championship. 

Travis was emotional, telling Kelce this was the most fun he’d had all year. 

As Travis went to celebrate with his teammates, Donna went to Kelce and hugged him as the two started crying. 

A few weeks after the Super Bowl, Kylie gave birth to their third daughter Bennett. 

During the offseason, Kelce had to make a decision soon. 

As free agency was coming up, the Eagles asked Kelce to make a decision now. 

Kelce was back-and-forth on whether to retire or not. 

Ultimately he came up with the decision. 

Kelce announced on social media that he would be returning for the 2023 NFL season.

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