Malfunctioning elevators disrupt students

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

The elevators in the E3 building do not function consistently, causing long wait times for students taking classes in the building.

“When I press the buttons it doesn’t arrive where I want,” Freshman student America Frida said 

The elevators cause students to not arrive at their desired floor which affects others who are trying to take the elevator. 

The elevators also cause students who are already late to be later, further solidifying the elevator’s deficiencies. 

“My friends and I have been late to class,” student Jimmy Marine said.

There have been students with disabilities or who have trouble walking where the elevators failed to help them. 

“I’ve seen someone with a cane try to take the elevator. He had to use the stairs. Lucky he had friends to help him out,” Student Ty Lee said.

“The English building seems to not work often, unlike the elevators from other buildings,” sign language interpreter Eliott Aronson said.

 Elevators around the campus work well, but the one on the E3 building continues to have issues. While other facility elevators work fine, E3 still struggles.

 “This building is the only one with issues,” Vice President of Administrative Services Michael Pascual said.

He said the E3 elevators by far have caused the most inconvenience and problems not just for students, but for those who work to fix the issue. 

When he is informed of the elevators having problems, he calls our third party maintenance service Otis Elevators to come and fix them. 

“Usually it takes one to two days,” Pascual said. 

“For the past few months we had assessments on the elevators from Integrated Design Services Inc. reviewing work order tickets and the machine,

“The assessment is to upgrade and change the elevators since the E3 building is the one with this unique problem, the project is ongoing,” Pascual said.

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