‘Nowhere’ gives a more unique way of being trapped in the ocean

By Leonardo Cervantes

“Nowhere” is a suspenseful drama that has a unique and compelling storyline. 

Mia (Anna Castillo) and her husband Nico (Tamar Novas) are attempting to flee to Ireland from a dictatorship in Spain. 

Mia is separated from Nico and is forced to fend for herself inside a shipping container. 

Mia gets put through the ringer and has to find creative ways to survive while she awaits rescue.

Just about every type of drama thriller has been created and beaten to a pulp. 

Being stuck in the middle of the ocean is no exception. 

However, the unique spin of being stuck in a shipping container serves a greater sense of desperation. 

Being stuck in a large boat is a scary thought, but being in a tightly closed shipping container offers more dread than imaginable. 

Add to that, a pregnant woman on the edge of giving birth and trapped alone, makes for an emotional and compelling viewing.

Mia is an amazing lead character with a great sense of determination. 

She stays calm under pressure until she finally reaches her breaking point. 

Castillo’s acting is phenomenal as every scream becomes more agonizing than the previous one. 

While stuck in a hopeless situation she continues fighting and puts on a brave face the entire time.

 While put in a precarious situation, she never loses hope although she knows how dire her situation is.

While no other actor really gets to shine in the film, Novas’ voice acting, when talking on the phone was phenomenal. 

He wants to help, but there’s only so much he can do. 

The sense of dread in his voice is just as agonizing as Castillo’s. 

Nico also puts on a brave face but knows how difficult of a situation Mia is in.

The one flaw with the film is the lack of inclusion of a cast or changes in settings. 

The key plot is for viewers to feel the same sense of dread as Mia feels while trapped in a shipping container. 

This flaw can be explained away because this is how the directors drive the point of Mia’s insanity progression with each hour that passes. 

Another way this flaw could have been mitigated is if Mia had been trapped with a teenage kid. 

A teenage kid wouldn’t be much of a burden to Mia as he would be able to help out but also would let another actor shine.

While set in Spain and trapped in the middle of the sea, it would have been great if there was a stronger thunderstorm to add even more suspense.

 The ever-changing soundtrack of victorious and dreadful music is great. When things are starting to look good there is be a proud and joyous track.

 That hope quickly destroyed by a gloomy and dreadful instrumental. 

This contrast is great to watch as it feels like every time Mia takes a step forward it leads to two steps back.

Mia is tasked with surviving in a small container with little to no resources. 

She shows remarkable courage and focus throughout the film and that is an inspirational trait viewers can take in real life. 

Castillo’s performance is captivating and inspirational. 

The film is rated TV-MA and has a runtime of one hour and 49 minutes. 

The film is available to watch on Netflix.

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