‘Faith’ plays with viewers emotions

By Marc Anthony Martinez

“Faith” is a trilogy about a Mexican American family and the political, social and cultural shift of living in America that they go through.

The play is directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela, the Artistic Director of the Latino Theater Company.

“It’s important for them and for us at the Latino Theater Company to come and create and help the students to feel they have all the potential and possibilities,” Valenzuela said about why they wanted to bring “Faith” to East Los Angeles College. 

He praised the actors and their performance.

Writer of the play Evelina Fernandez, is an alumna from ELAC and was honored they were doing the play here. 

She enjoyed the play and liked the performance from the actors.

“I thought it was great, and I think they did wonderful,” Fenandez said.

When Esperanza was 15, they had a ritual blessing for her reminding her that they cannot lie. At that time young Esperanza played, by Jezmarie Viramontes, confesses to the priest. 

Young Silvestre, played by Giovanny Benavente, that she is in love with him and the run away from Mexico and end up in Jerome, Arizona, a mining town where they have three daughters. 

The daughters are Faith, played by Julia Chavez, Charity, played by Julianna Picasso and Elena, played by Jacqueline Lohora. 

Esperanza, played by Alexa Mora, is strict on them and causes Faith to be rebellious and eventually leave for California. 

There are a lot of intense scenes, one when Esperanza and Faith are having an argument where you can feel the authenticity of a real argument between mother and daughter.

“The emotions come for me as an actor but adding in the physical body language, that’s what tells the story,” Chavez said.

Charity has a scene where she finds out that Freddie, played by David A. Rangel, her boyfriend, is killed in the war and she is pregnant with his child. 

She breaks down and starts crying after finding out by accident. 

“I actually don’t cry, it’s hard for me to bring tears out so I channel a lot of my own family struggles, and this show Evangelina wrote really highlights a lot of peoples struggles,” said Picasso.

Silvestre works in the mines and is trying to unionize, but is having a hard time and everyone tells him to be careful with what he is trying to do, but he keeps working at it. 

Yet, he has to deal with all the family problems at home and worry about his daughters while Esperanza has to go back to Mexico to see her mother who is sick.

“It shows how the outside world affects the family home. In this play there was the revolution, great depression and World War II,” said Rodriguez.

The play has a little of everything and has you up and down with emotions. 

“Faith” will play for one more weekend in the P2 Proscenium Theater at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

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