‘Halloween Horror Nights’ price spook attendees

By Marina Gutierrez

Universal Studios Hollywood “Halloween Horror Nights” is frightening, yet pricey.

The amusement park’s highly anticipated, spooky event started on Sept. 7 and ends on Oct. 31. 

In previous years, the increased ticket prices remain with a general admission ticket starting at $87 and an express ticket used to skip the line, starting at $289. 

Confirmed prices are determined by what day of the week it is, with prices spiking on the weekends.

The park’s creepy, highly detailed mazes and lifelike characters/monsters walking amongst us did not disappoint. However for the price, it has a few nearly fatal flaws in overall structure and organization. 

 As advertised, Universal Studios transforms the environment within their park into a frightening land of creatures and darkness. 

The elaborate decorations and the setting they create makes you feel as if you’re in a horror movie. 

While walking to the next maze or on your way to get food, you’re at risk of being frightened by monsters running loose on the park grounds. 

The outdoor lights are dim and a fog machine is blowing smoke throughout the air. 

The long awaited mazes do not fail at surprising you and you may even let out a scream or two.

 The actors are in professional makeup and outfits and nearly duplicate characters seen in movies. 

The jump scares throughout the maze are valid and strategically placed. 

Eerie music playing in the background helps set the tone of what’s around the corner. 

Unfortunately, the prices of the tickets and the absurd amount of clusters of people within the park, are just as scary as the decorations and mazes. 

Universal Studios claims to limit capacity and the number of tickets being sold, but being shoved and squished into strangers says otherwise. 

Every single line is ridiculously long. 

The restroom line, the line to get food, the line to get a drink, the line to get into a maze, the line to get onto a ride, all are exhaustingly long. 

You are constantly surrounded by large groups of people in close proximity, who will say “excuse me” the entire night. 

Amusement park tickets are known to be expensive, and although not surprising, it is still hard to justify. 

With service fees, your total will come out to nearly $100 before you even step foot into the park. High prices for a general admission ticket which means you are stuck waiting in line for hours.

 Alcoholic beverages are $10 to $15 more than average. Food prices are also high. 

No outside food or drink is permitted, so make sure to come financially prepared. 

The overall experience of Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights is one everyone should enjoy at least once. 

Halloween and horror fans will greatly enjoy and appreciate this event. However, it is important to be aware of its cons.

 If attending, be prepared with spending money and the mental capacity to handle large groups of people at a close range. 

This annual event is a tradition for many and will continue to be so.

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