Men’s soccer falls to state-best El Camino

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

The men’s soccer team held their own but suffered a loss against the best team in the state, El Camino College, in a 2-0 losing effort. 

 El Camino started off the game with the ball, passing to their defenders. 

The Huskies aggressively pursued them.

Midfielder Johan Elias initiated the play, creating pressure on the El Camino defenders.

 They ended up kicking it deep for El Camino to have an offensive push, but defender William Gomez was there to stop it and kick it out, leaving El Camino to corner kick, but the Huskies were able to stop the opportunity.

  Huskies kept denying El Camino’s offense by kicking the ball out of bounds thanks to defender Gabriel Nascimento. 

Once the ball was played, the Huskies hit the ball out of their side.

As El Camino defenders passed the ball to each other, one of them fell, allowing Elias to rush and get the ball.

 El Camino was able to recover the ball from Elias, making risky passes until El Camino’s risks paid off by scoring, making the score 1-0.

 The Huskies started with the ball but were immediately overtaken by El Camino. 

They kept passing around the ball for an attack until defender Kelvin Bucio intercepted the ball. 

Bucio tried to pass the ball but it was blocked as he battled to keep it. 

It ended up being taken by El Camino players teaming up on him. 

Huskies defender Luis Rodriguez fouled El Camino forward Diego Garcia, giving El Camino a free kick.

 As El Camino was in the offense, it quickly turned better for the Huskies. 

Huskies’ midfielder Matthew Cortez was given the ball, but overshot his attempt.

El Camino’s offense started aggressively pushing into the Huskies’ side under a minute.

Nascimento was given a yellow card for fouling El Camino forward Charlie Cazares, giving them an opportunity to create a counter attack.

As El Camino continued to pass the ball, forward Jovanny Mejia shot the ball, resulting in a goal, making the score 2-0.

 With the remainder of the first half, the Huskies started playing more in unison.

Bucio, midfielder Julio Portillo and center midfielder Eliud Barrera touched and passed the ball to each other for the attack.

They stopped until center midfielder Adrian Macias recovered the ball, taking it to El Camino’s side and attempted a shot, but just missed.

Huskies started off the second half  with the ball,  passing the ball to their defenders. 

Huskies’ defender Christian Arana initiated the offense, then kicked the ball to Bucio, who just missed the header.

El Camino played more aggressively but was constantly stopped.  

As the ball made its way to Cortez, he was pressured by El Camino midfielder Juan Gomez and defender Ivan Torres, eventually losing the ball.

El Camino midfielder Rinnosuke Nemoto was fouled by a Husky player attempting to get a shot in. 

Despite the foul not being called, Huskies’ goalkeeper Milton Salazar managed to block the incoming shot. 

As El Camino was given a corner kick, Huskie midfielder Israel Arroyo committed a foul, giving El Camino a free kick. 

They nearly scored from the free kick spot, but were  whistled offside. 

El Camino substituted three players, giving them a more aggressive playstyle.

 The Huskies and El Camino went back and forth in holding the ball until El Camino got the upper hand, attacking until Elias positioned himself and kicked the ball out, stopping the offense. 

El Camino earned a corner kick in the last minutes of the game, but the chance to score was stopped by the Huskies.

The ball ended up going to El Camino’s side. 

Ruiz rushed to obtain the ball but El Camino goalkeeper Donovan Palomares got a hold on it first.

“We are playing the number one team, so we made some adjustments. But, we gave up chances to make some goals… We played a 4-5-1 formation, which is too defensive,” Assistant Coach Juan Aguiniga said.

“Once they went in, we saw a different team. We started to touch the ball, but our first touch should have been more consistent,” he said. 

Aguiniga said the Huskies are encouraged to keep working because getting 2-0 against the number one team is a win for the experience.

Assistant Coach Paulo Nakashigue said, “I feel like we had a good game, especially in the second half instead of the first.

“In the first half it felt like we were confused. In the second half we put players with more technical skill. That’s why we had more chances.”

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