Theater technical director makes show run

By Henry Caceres

East Los Angeles College alum, Miguel Delgado is the technical director for the play “Queen of the Rumba,” a production written by Josephina Lopez and directed by Corky Dominguez. 

Delgado has worked on two productions at Casa 0101. He also has a history of technical theater work with traveling theater companies and worked as a freelance photographer. 

When looking back at his time at ELAC, he likes to reminisce about his discovery of his love for theater production as a Husky. 

Delgado enjoys the fact that there are places like Casa 0101 that are all about Latino success. 

“It has a huge significance. It is bringing up communities that would not regularly come out to the theater. It has a huge influence on people who are not familiar with the culture and Hispanics,” Delgado said.

Delgado believes his work helps express the stories that come from the writers and directors. His way of working is an art form because visions become reality through his style of work.

He works with various parts of the theater that make up the shows’ portrayals. 

For example, Delgado works with set designers and lighting directors to make sure that the moods and colors of each scene are in line with the context and overall story. 

Delgado said the process may seem fun and effortless. It comes with its fair share of complications according to Delgado, but it is also extremely rewarding to see the stories given come to life and let it happen as easily as possible for everyone else who is part of every production.

 “It is an extremely complicated process, but my job is to make it (the production) as smooth as possible,” Delgado said. 

His favorite achievements are the ones that play out wonderfully, according to the technical director. 

Casa 0101 is home to many original productions that are written by local playwrights. Delgado said there is new production that is being prepared next for the theater.

“We have Corina’s Story coming up, which is another Casa 0101 original. It was written by Corina, and it is actually an autobiographical play about her, and it is coming next,” Delgado said.

 Delagado said he has many other jobs he does on the side, such as more freelance photography ,as well as his own film projects that can be turned into feature films. 

Delgado found out about Casa 0101 through professors from ELAC. 

He encourages students to put effort into finding local events and other sources of entertainment through professors. He said no one truly knows what kind of opportunities that are out there. 

A student might be the right fit for someone looking for the next new thing.

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