Child Development Center, PBS join for education camp

By Steven Adamo

A day of fun, exploration and discovery awaits early child learning educators Saturday at the East Los Angeles College Child Development Center. 

In partnership with PBS SoCal, the EdCamp aims to provide early learning educators with the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other educators and professionals in the field. 

Nancy Duran from the ELAC Child Development Center has been vocal about getting students to participate in the EdCamps on campus. 

PBS SoCal provides resources to the educators and students which helps them to prepare for the fields they’re entering. 

PBS SoCal said that providing resources to children, as well as bilingual programs, helps retain knowledge necessary “through pivotal years in the child’s development.” 

Though many of the programs focus on children, adults and other family members are also encouraged to participate. 

Students at the event will be assembled in teams of four and tasked with creating their own curriculum or model for future events. 

The purpose of these events is to use resources provided to create strategies when engaging with families, giving educators the opportunity to share what works, what doesn’t and how to better plan future engaging events. 

Previous events like these, such as the the “Ready To Learn with Public Media” event in September, deal with complex topics like computational thinking and patterns, but shared in a way that is easy for children to comprehend. “The Child Development Club also helps facilitate the events,” Duran said. 

She said it helps children to “think in a way that solves problems and accomplishing tasks.” 

Families involved with the ELAC Child Development Center are encouraged to attend, as well as children and families from the community surrounding ELAC. 

Duran said that having these experiences and interacting with community members in this manner is helpful to the student’s learning as well as the greater community. 

The PBS SoCal EdCamp will take place Saturday at 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the ELAC Child Development Center on the corner of Collegian and Avenida Cesar Chavez. Food will be available on-site as well as Professional Development certificates to participating students.

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