Former athletic director reflects on life, family

By Marc Anthony Martinez

Former ELAC Athletic Director and coach Marilyn Ladd had a book signing for her autobiography and talked about finding balance and peace to overcome struggles. 

The signing took place on Tuesday Oct. 24 in the multi-purpose room in building F5 room 212. 

Ladd started with a brief slideshow showing her family and her life growing up. 

She talked about what her book meant to her and how she believes it will help students and teachers who read it. 

Ladd’s book is an autobiography and self-help book. In her book she talks about how finding your balance and peace of mind will help you become a better person and help you reach your goals.

By finding balance and peace of mind Ladd said she started noticing a difference in these four areas of her life:





She said she started feeling better in these areas.

Ladd said  people can adopt the book into their own lives by setting goals and holding a vision of the perfect result.

“Be true to yourself and hold the vision of a perfect end result and every time you get a step closer, you’ll get closer to the next thing,” Ladd said.

She took classes and started looking at people who were successful. 

To start changing she had to get out of her way because she didn’t think she had any negative parts and she was always right, which made her, her own enemy for the longest time.

Ladd had to admit to herself that she had to do something different because she was losing all these people in her life, relationships weren’t working and she had to learn how to love and respect herself more.

Ladd talked about her years at ELAC. Teaching, coaching and being the athletic trainer. She served students for 50 years. 

She retired from administrative athletics in 2005. She started teaching adaptive physical activity classes and started a special Olympic swim team. 

One of her swimmers who was blind won gold in the 50-yard freestyle.

She was the first committee chair for campus sexual assault awareness violence education team and supported students who had experienced violence in their lives.

She also started a first violence intervention team because she wanted a place for individuals who were experiencing violence or sexual assault. It’s called the Women’s and Men’s Support Center.

Ladd retired from ELAC in 2014.

Her family had a big part to do with her book and talked about them and how they shared many moments together and the support they showed each other. She is the fifth born out of 12 and the first-born girl.

Three of her brothers were there to support her, Robert, Harold, and Mel.

She talked about a time at Christmas when she counted 200 presents and how it took them over three hours to open them because they pass them out one at a time and her dad was out cooking a turkey because he didn’t do presents. 

“Not only would we have to get all the presents in there, but we had to get all the people in there too, which was usually about 20-22 people,” Ladd said.

Her family would always go camping but now that they are much older, she said they stay in Airbnb’s.  

It took Ladd a couple years to complete her book. She would go over it and take some things out and add some other things and had to think about what the reader would want to read.

ELAC president Alberto Román gave her a plaque with an old Husky logo that read “With our deepest appreciation the ELAC foundation proudly honors Marilyn Ladd for your service,” as a token of appreciation from the ELAC Foundation Board.

Ladd  signed books for students and staff.

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