Losing streak continues for men’s soccer

By Oscar Martines

The men’s soccer team were unable to break their losing streak as they suffered another defeat in the conference, this time to Pasadena City College in a 3-0 loss.

The Huskies have suffered their seventh straight loss in the conference, failing to score in their last five defeats.

The Huskies found themselves defending in the first minute of the game as Pasadena attempted the first shot of the game.

Pasadena was unable to slot in the first goal of the game. 

Husky defender Alejandro Hernandez blocked the attempt followed by a save from goalkeeper Eduardo Gonzalez.

The Huskies would give away a penalty in the third minute of the game, allowing Pasadena to take advantage of the opportunity and take the early lead.

Pasadena had another at goal a few minutes later, but the attempt was once again saved by Gonzalez.

A minute later, the Huskies had their first attempt of the game saved by the Pasadena goalkeeper.

Midfielder Eliud Barrera attempted to put the Huskies back in the game with a low shot on target, but it was secured in the hands of the goalkeeper.

The Huskies and Pasadena went back and forth for the rest of the half atempting to goal.

Neither team found their target.

Many shot attempts by the Huskies were off their mark, either going high over the top bar or missing wide from the side posts.

Pasadena’s shot attempts were mostly on target.

Gonzalez contributed to multiple saves for the Huskies that prevented Pasadena from amplifying their lead.

The second half saw the Huskies fight for the equalizer in the early going. 

Their first shot of the half just missed the left post.

Pasadena would respond with five unanswered shots, four of which missed their mark.

However, Pasadena’s fifth shot found the back of the net and gave Pasadena the 2-0 advantage.

Their second goal came in the 68th minute of the game from a counter attack that left Gonzalez in a one-on-one situation.

Pasadena chipped the ball over Gonzalez to convert the goal.

The Huskies continued to fight on as their best opportunity of the half was blocked by Pasadena.

Pasadena would seal the 3-0 after an attempt from outside the box leaned far right of Gonzalez’s reach.

Pasadena had two more attempts at goal before the referee blew the final whistle to close out the Huskies’ loss.

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