Students decorate South Gate campus altar

By Joseph Hernandez

Coloring and connecting with students in the Dia De Los Muertos workshop at the Southgate campus, hosted by the Associated Students Union.

The workshop consisted of arts and crafts where students got to color on pictures of a “Dia De Los Muertos” skull with markers or colored pencils. 

Everything was provided and funded by the Associated Students Union because they wanted to give students something to participate and socialize in.

 The Associated Students Union is the official student government of East Los Angeles College. 

The ASU board is made up of Executive officers, and Senators who seek to represent its constituents. They advocate the needs of the student body at the College, District and State levels. ASU wanted to bring more representation to Southgate students with this workshop, as they felt that Monterey Park students were getting more representation from the board than Southgate. 

“Monterey Park gets a lot of representation where as South Gate doesn’t. So we as a student government, which is supposed to represent all students are trying to make sure all students get represented through this activity.” ASU President, Martin Romero said.

Throughout the workshop, ASU members would invite students walking in or out of the building to participate in the workshop. 

Students had the chance to contribute to an altar put on the wall of the main lobby of the Southgate campus, and as time went on more skulls were added to it. ASU wanted to make the activity for Dia De Los Muertos at South Gate different from the Monterey Park activity, to add a sense of uniqueness between both campuses. This was an idea explained by ASU’s vice president of Southgate, Leslie Reynoso. “This is different than what’s gonna go on at Monterey Park, for it’s still something similar, has some literacy between both campuses, but a little bit different to make something unique that students can benefit from,” Reynoso said.

The workshop went from 11 2 p.m. For every student that left the workshop a new student joined the table. 

ASU also had food displayed for students when they were done with their art for the altar, they offered them tortas or pizza. 

Romero said that ASU gets the food for their workshops from a vendor that’s approved by the school. 

ELAC student, Roberto Morales commented on his experience, “I wouldn’t mind doing this again and it was great that I got a free torta.”

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