Children fill campus for Halloween treats

By Henry Caceres

ELAC’s Child Development Center hosted the annual Children’s Halloween Parade last Tuesday. 

Children dressed in their costumes and walked around campus. 

They showed off the center’s coordinated event as their favorite movie characters, ranging from superheroes to Disney princesses. 

Some families even put together family costumes to help get more into the spirit of halloween.

The children marched to the front of E1, the Student Services building. 

They collected candy from representatives from different ELAC-based programs. 

The Child Development Center Director, Marcia Cagigas  said that it was much more than just a regular Halloween parade.

Cagigas explains that although there are many fun activities being presented, the Child Development Center also helps parents. 

The CDC takes on parental duties for parents who are seeking an academic career and to pursue their goals. Cagigas explains that kids are taught to learn through their experiences.

“I would want people to really understand that we are working with children so they can learn through play. 

“I want them to understand that these kids can invest in their future at such an early age. 

“We are working with future teachers and this program offers hands-on training to not just the kids but to the staff as well,” Cagigas said.

Cagigas said that many early education students used to have trouble finding the right type of hands-on training to develop the right habits toward a career in the area. 

However, the Child Development Center serves as a space for teachers and children alike to have the proper development.

Cagigas wants parents to know that this play is much more than daycare or a preschool, and this parade is just one of many examples of it. 

The Child Development Center serves children ages 2-6 years old, and they offer services in the spring and fall.

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