ELAC becomes ‘Champion of Higher Education’

By Alan Leyva

In 2023, ELAC proudly earned the title of a “Champion of Higher Education” from the Campaign for College Opportunity. 

This honor celebrates ELAC’s commitment to the implementation of the Associate Degree for Transfer program.

The ADT program represents a transformative pathway that simplifies and expedites the transition from a community college to a four-year institution. 

Recognizing the need for such a solution, the Campaign for College Opportunity championed SB 1440 in 2010, introduced by Sen. Alex Padilla. 

This legislation laid the foundation for the ADT program.

The impact of this initiative has been significant, positively affecting the lives of many students. 

It provides them with a clear and efficient route to transfer  to the California State University system, ultimately saving students valuable time and money.

An encouraging trend emerges as more Latinx and Black students are embracing the ADT pathway for their preferred method of transfer. 

Out of the 116 California community colleges, ELAC stands out as one of the 18 institutions chosen as  Champions of Higher Education, and further. 

It is one of just three community colleges recognized for their excellence in ADT implementation. 

In the 2021-22 academic year, ELAC proudly conferred a total of 1,396 Associate Degrees for Transfer to its students.

“It’s beneficial because it’s flexible and is a certificate that requires less commitment than a bachelor’s degree, yet it sets a student up for a smoother transition to a bachelor’s degree with enhanced accessibility.” Said Cesar Ayala, a sophomore at ELAC.

In the category of Excellence in Transfer for 2023 ELAC stands second, trailing only Bakersfield College in terms of ADTs awarded.

“East Los Angeles College continues to lead in the ADT program because we understand the importance of helping our students meet transfer requirements and achieve their bachelor’s degrees more efficiently once they transfer to a CSU. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated Husky faculty and staff for making this outstanding achievement a reality for our college,” Said ELAC President Alberto J. Román.

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