Kinesiology AC problems continue fourth year

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

Kinesiology Department continues to have issues with air conditioning that create discomfort for staff and students by making classes, practices and games very difficult.

The lack of air conditioner units and blowouts are being fixed with temporary solutions. 

In October, previous Campus News staff writer Vicky Nyguen reported in the article “Kinesiology Department lacks Air Conditioning”
a grievance was filed. 

“In August after repeated failures to rectify the (air conditioning) problem over the course of eight years. The grievance was for lack of air conditioning in the fitness rooms as well as faculty offices.”

Chairperson of Kinesiology Sara Ortiz said since she became chairperson in July, she has asked for a handful of things to improve the department’s conditions.

She said for almost everything she’s asked for she was told the department is getting a new building, so the school doesn’t want to put money toward her requests.

The North and South Gym, also known as the E9 and C1 Buildings, continue to have air conditioner issues till this day. 

“The E9 and C1 Buildings are always and constantly having air conditioning issues. In the C1 Building, that’s where we host all of our games like basketball, volleyball. It does not have air conditioning. With no air conditioner, especially in the summer, it can get over 100 plus degrees,” Ortiz said.

“Room E9-117 had no air conditioning as of Oct.31,” professor Lindsay Costello said,

Ortiz also said the South Gym is a newer building and doesn’t have many issues compared to much older buildings like the North Gym. Yet the South Gym, the spin room, has five wall air conditioner units, but typically only three are working. The room adjacent to it has one AC unit that doesn’t work. 

Some offices don’t have air conditioners.  The office of professor Andrea Owens doesn’t have an air conditioner unit. Sanitary issues as well continue, with ants, mosquitos and cockroaches. Tiles were taken down from the ceiling due to hazard issues from some falling, which caused echoes that affected teaching in the gym because it was too loud. 

Most of the issues are solved in a relative time. 

Ortiz said classroom 118 was too hot to use for many years, which led to the temporary solution of adding window units on Nov. 2. She said the room was unavailable to use because it was too hot prior to the installation of the units.

“We don’t have the cleanest or best conditions. It can be frustrating it being held together, rigging everything, trying to make it work. Our professors and students are great. If we had better conditions our classes would be popular,” Ortiz said. 

Ortiz has gotten used to the conditions for the Kinesiology Department over the years. Five years is about two and a half cycles of students if they transfer within two years. She wants students and staff to come into an environment that will meet the needs for all.

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