Study abroad program to visit Paris, Ireland

By Joseph Hernandez

The Center for Global Education and Engagement offers opportunities for students to study abroad in Donegal, Ireland or Paris, France over the summer.

This is possible through CGEE’s study abroad programs at ELAC, which allow students to pursue their college studies in a foreign country. 

Students can attend lectures or carry out research at a foreign university or through their home university’s study-abroad program. 

CCGE aims to facilitate students’ and faculty’s global awareness and understanding. 

The Co-directors of CGEE Norma Vega and Lynn Vogel-Zuiderweg host informative Zoom sessions that welcome all East Los Angeles College students.

Students are shown subjects they’ll be able to study through the program such as Nutrition 185 or Sociology 185. 

 If students choose to study in Ireland, they get to partake in field trips to castles and different historical sites.

If students choose the Paris study program instead, then they’ll be able to take French Survival or Institut Catholique and go on field trips to different museums, historical sites, mini golf and more. 

French Survival is a French culture and basic language program. 

Students practice speaking with storekeepers, café personnel, and others in order to make them feel at ease in the Parisian environment.  The course acts as an introduction to French life. 

Institut Catholique is the same as French Survival except students learn at the Institut Catholique de Paris, (ICP) an internationally recognized private French university. 

Both the Ireland and France programs are four weeks long over the summer. 

The main focus of these programs isn’t only to educate a student on the subject they choose, but to also allow them to explore and experience the country they’re in. 

As of right now, there are five different study programs offered by CGEC: Japan, Indonesia, Ireland, France, and Italy. 

CGEE recommends students visit its department at E3 181 for more information.

It also recommends students join the informative Zoom sessions for each respective program to learn more information about each one. 

During the Zoom sessions, the CGEE informs students of the different programs, costs and expectations for studying abroad.

Students who attend these meetings are able to be given the link to enroll in one of the programs.

The dates and link for the Zoom sessions are located on the CGEE’s page on the ELAC website.

 The CGEE will host an in-person open house on Nov. 16 at E3 181 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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