Football falls to Cerritos College to end regular season

By Marina Gutierrez

In the final home game of the regular season, the Huskies fought until the very end in a close contest against Cerritos College.

Although the Husky execution was promising, the final score was 24-21.

The game started slowly for the Huskies, when Cerritos scored almost immediately.

Getting on the board quickly, Cerritos was up 7-0 early in the first quarter. After a failed field goal attempt, Huskies were struggling to get on the scoreboard. 

During the next Cerritos possession, penalties resulted in a third and long. The Huskies were close to getting a stop and getting possession of the ball back. On the play, a Cerritos player was left wide open and made an important catch to keep them in possession. 

The Huskie’s defense remained relentless as defensive lineman Jaquez Harvey and defensive end Tymere Jackson sacked Cerritos’ quarterback following a tackle made at the 10-yard line.

After failing to make their way down the field, Cerritos had one more attempt to score with a three-point field goal that it ultimately made. 

With four minutes remaining in the first quarter, the score was now 10-0. 

Dual-threat player DeGabriel Floyd, answered back by making a 19-yard run on the kick return. The Huskies quarterback, Trilian Harris, began to scramble while struggling to make a pass. 

A personal foul was called against Cerritos, this seemed promising for the Huskies, as they gained some much needed yards. 

However, a face mask call against the Husky offense caused them to be set back 15-yards.

A false start call against the Husky offense, caused them to lose an additional five-yards.  

As the Huskies defense remained strong, the offense struggled to complete passes and gain   yards.

On a kick return, Floyd ran from the 20-yard line all the way to the end zone for a Husky touchdown. With one minute left in the first quarter, the score was now 10-7.

Both teams were applying pressure, determined to score. 

Huskies started the second quarter strong, making strides down the field. 

A pass made to wide receiver Kennedy Lewis was caught right before the endzone.

 In the following play, Harris made a strong pass to Lewis, who was now in the endzone, for another Husky touchdown. 

With 10 minutes remaining in the second quarter, the score was now 14-10 in favor of the Huskies… 

On the kick return, Cerritos offense had a miscommunication causing their players to bump into each other, but they were still able to catch the ball and gain positive yardage. 

Cerritos was able to make catches and find the endzone quickly on this drive in the second quarter. The score was now 17-14 with Cerritos on top. 

The Huskies offense struggled to complete passes. 

One pass was nearly intercepted by the Cerritos defense but was fortunately dropped. 

After another failed attempt to score, the Huskies were still down three points with only six minutes left in the first half. 

As the pressure continued to build, the Huskies defense remained focused. 

Floyd made a key tackle to stop Cerritos from moving downfield. In a dual effort, Cerritos quarterback was sacked by defensive back DJ Shanks. 

With time expiring in the first half, the punt return was intended for Floyd. However, Floyd tripped and fell while running to catch the ball and was substituted out. 

At the end of the first half, the score remained the same 17-14. 

Although Huskies returned from the half determined to score, the offense struggled to follow through. A series of incomplete passes made by Harris, led to yet another three and out. 

 As Cerritos also failed to score, the ball was now in the Huskies’ possession. 

With three minutes remaining in the third quarter, Harris threw a pass that was intercepted by Cerritos defense and led to a Cerritos touchdown.  

At the end of the third quarter, the score was now 24-14. 

Emotions were running high when Harris completed a pass to Floyd for a Husky touchdown in the beginning of the fourth quarter. The score was now 24-21. 

With 42 seconds remaining, and on fourth down, Husky kicker Ethan Rodriguez had a chance to tie the game with a field goal. 

However, the Huskies offense failed to cover for him and his kick was blocked by Cerritos defense.

“Cerritos came from the left side and my line didn’t block, which is why my field goal attempt failed, it happens. My team just wasn’t focused today, we had low energy and underestimated Cerritos,” kicker Rodriguez said. 

In a close game, the Huskies lost 24-21.

“Football is an interesting game, there has to be a winner and there has to be a loser. I wouldn’t choose to do anything differently, my team just has to make the plays when the time comes,” Head Coach Bobby Godinez said. 

      Although this is the last game of the regular season, the Huskies will have one final bowl game.

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