Fortnite gains larger player count after game update

By Alan Leyva

Fortnite has broken its own player count as the return to the  ‘OG’ map brought in  44.7 million players for the launch of the new season. 

The battle royale game had its biggest day in history on Nov. 4 as fans of the original map flooded to the game. 

Fortnite Season OG,  showcases many fan-favorite locations returning to the game. Some include Tilted Towers, Retail Row and Loot Lake. 

The new season also brought back fan favorite weapons. 

Weapons like the assault rifle, the burst assault rifle, the pump/tactical shotguns and an array of submachine guns. 

Additionally added are various items and vehicles that have been out of Fornite’s game for quite some time. 

Some of which include the shopping cart, golf cart, damage traps, grappler and the boogie bomb.  However, Epic Games stated that these items could remain for the entire season, or only stay for that given week. 

Players will have to adjust to what’s in and what’s not. 

Starting at Season 5, the map will be updated every Thursday to the next season in order, concluding with Season X in early December. Though this ‘OG’ season is shorter than the average Fortnite season, players can still purchase a battle pass. 

The battle pass includes skins and emotes mashed up with other skins to create new never before seen cosmetics. 

Fortnite is currently on Chapter 4:Season OG, which began on Nov. 3 and is expected to run until the start of December. 

They are running through six ‘OG’ Fortnite seasons all in one season, which is confusing for many players, as many are left unsure of what they have in store. 

Fortnite’s return to the top was not surprising, as many concurrent players have been lobbying for the game to return to its beloved state. 

Many players left Fornite following the map change, and it appears Fornite’s creative team recognized this and gave players what they wanted. 

In return, they had their biggest weekend ever, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, as now fans are campaigning on the internet for the map to remain as is. 

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