‘Priscilla’: How fame changes people

By Priscilla Hernandez

Film enthusiasts looking for a movie to go watch should do themselves a favor and get tickets for the movie “Priscilla.”

“Priscilla” gives insight into the relationship of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. 

The two were the it-couple of their time, but it wasn’t as picture-perfect as reporters made it seem. 

The storytelling and casting of the movie is incredibly done by the entertainment company A24. 

The casting of Jacob Elordi as Elvis and Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla, makes viewers feel as if they’re witnessing the relationship in real time. 

Elvis and Priscilla met when she was 14 and he was 24. 

The movie captures how the age gap was an essential part of their love story. 

The film starts with Priscilla sitting alone at a diner where a man comes up to her and asks her if she wants to meet Elvis. 

But it led to her saying, “I need to ask my parents,” which sets the tone for how young Priscilla is. 

The first time Elvis and Priscilla meet, he does find out her age, but the start of the relationship was light-hearted. 

His true colors started to show later in the relationship.

Another important aspect of the movie is how her physical image changed drastically through time. 

Before the fame, she had a  simple, clean look with brunette hair and flowy dresses. 

As Elvis found both of them in the limelight, he started to decide how she needed to look to be desirable. 

As they start being photographed together more often, the audience gets a glance of the iconic Priscilla look; which was the voluminous jet black hair and the dark eyeshadow. 

The change in style was how the movie portrayed that she started to lose control of her life. 

She did not decide to create this look. Elvis created the wife he wanted. 

By telling the story the way Priscilla lived it, viewers can feel how draining it was for her to be with him. 

The cliche that nobody knows what happens behind closed doors is what the movie is bringing light to. 

The audience realizes how overly glamorized and romanticized the rock-n-roll lifestyle is.

During the time she was with him, the movie exposes how abusive and manipulative Elvis was to Priscilla. 

But because of how young she was, she had no idea that a relationship was not supposed to be this way. 

Despite the continuous lies and manipulation, she would still go on to marry him and get pregnant, which did not strengthen the relationship. 

As she gets older and their relationships drift apart, the film shows how her iconic appearance fades away and she starts going back to her roots. 

By the time she left Elvis, she went back to her brunette hair and dressed more casual, the way she felt comfortable. 

The change in her appearance represented her realization that she was not in a healthy relationship. 

“Priscilla” was written to keep the focus on her and the awfulness she endured. 

The writers did an excellent job at staying away from using hit songs from Elvis because it could’ve easily changed the audience’s perspective on him and would take away from keeping the movie strictly about her life. 

Overall, the movie is a serious take on their relationship and how fame can change a person’s life and relationships drastically. 

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