Student safety is an urgent matter

By Luis Diaz

Security on campus should be a priority for the college because students don’t feel safe during certain hours. 

Many students on campus, have expressed their concerns about not being safe on campus and this comes roughly one month and a half after the stolen bike situation. 

Students don’t feel safe on campus once it gets dark. 

Students get scared to head to their class around the areas where there isn’t that much light. 

“I am surprised how I hardly see security roaming the areas at night. 

“The security should be on the lookout for students safety, especially at night,” Architect major Lesly Sanchez said. 

There is a difference that has been noticed between the main campus and the South Gate Campus where the security at the South Gate Campus patrols the area.

 Even though the South Gate Campus is small, they still take the time to make sure everything is in order. 

“Students should feel safe on campus, sometimes things happen around the campus perimeter. 

“Security should be patrolling the parking lots, especially the one close to the Mcdonald’s by campus,” Sanchez said. 

The campus should take this matter seriously because as of right now there are two issues that worry students. 

The Cameras are not working and campus security is not around areas that impose danger for students. 

We know that the camera malfunction isn’t really a campus security problem but the school’s, and they should take action in fixing that because if a student reports an incident to the sheriffs, they at least have somewhere to look. 

It just makes the problem worse for the sheriffs, and especially for the students, because it makes students decide if they should transition to online classes for their own safety. 

Claudia Nava, a photography major, says that coming at night is something that has been a concern for her because of where she parks. 

“Security should be patrolling the parking lots, making sure that cars don’t get broken into or if us students get followed,” Nava said. 

The problem is that places where there are no people or cameras become hot spots for bad things to happen. 

The campus is empty throughout the day, too. The main issue is no presence from the sheriffs patrolling all the time. 

The security should be increased because the college is public property. 

Anyone can come in and out. 

People posing as students and coming in to use the college resources such as the cafeteria has been seen around campus too.

Student Diana Renteria has noticed that there have been people around the cafeteria who don’t look like students.

 “There has been one person that looks like he isn’t a student. He looks homeless  coming in with multiple bags and a backpack to charge his things and leave. 

“This causes some discomfort knowing that these people aren’t stopped from coming on campus,” Renteria said. 

Even though it might cause some controversy, increasing the security when entering campus would be good.

 This is to ensure that everything is in order and to prevent a school shooting. 

For the moment, increasing the sheriffs in areas that are lonely would be good.

 Getting the college to fix the cameras would be really helpful to ensure that students feel safe on campus.     

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