ASU International Food Festival celebrates culinary diversity on campus

By Jing Ye

The Associate Students Union at East Los Angeles College  orchestrated a flavorful celebration of cultural diversity with the International Food Festival held on Nov. 15.

ASU Vice President Alica Garcia, who played a pivotal role in organizing the event. 

“It was an opportunity to celebrate and honor  diverse cultures through their unique cuisines,” Garcia said. 

Professor Jeremy Allred, an advisor to ASU from the Geography department is credited with the initial idea, but it took two to three weeks of collaborative effort among ASU members to bring the festival to fruition.

Garcia emphasized that the International Food Festival was more than just a gastronomic experience, 

All the food prepared by students was available for purchase, contributing to the fundraising efforts of the participating clubs.

Seven vibrant student clubs showcased their culinary talents by setting up booths featuring delectable dishes from various corners of the globe. 

The participating clubs, including the Huskies Computer Club, International Students Club, Pathway to Law Club, ESL Club, Administration of Justice Club, Carbon Club and PSI Beta Honors Club, transformed the ELAC campus into a culinary journey around the world.

The gourmet offerings at the festival were as diverse as the cultures they represented. Attendees could savor delicacies such as taco dorados, noodle cups, egg tarts, chicken shish kabobs, yogurt with cucumber, churros and agua fresca fruit drinks.

Adding to the festive ambiance, music from various cultures resonated throughout the event. 

Songs spanning Chinese, Spanish and English genres created a lively atmosphere. 

A unique incentive encouraged students to showcase their dance moves. 

Those who danced for more than 30 seconds received a complimentary ASU logo backpack as a token of appreciation. 

Garcia said that the music selection was a collaborative effort, with input from students on the ASU board.

Professor Khetam Dahi from the ESL department from Syria, took pride in the success of the festival. 

She said that students from China, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Vietnam had all pitched in to make the event a triumph. 

Professor Dahi’s contributions included a traditional Middle Eastern dish, marinated chicken and yogurt with cucumber. 

“It was a great success. Our food sold out at 12:30. All gone,” Dahi said.

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