Black Friday horror film rated satisfactory

By Valeria Covarrubias

“Thanksgiving” directed and produced by Eli Roth, takes place in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 

The birthplace of the infamous holiday Black Friday is Plymouth. In the film, riots occur while people are shopping in the mall during Black Friday sales, which leads to a mysterious killer targeting shoppers. 

The film is filled with violent horror, pervasive language and sexual material. 

The film begins with shoppers experiencing an awful Black Friday night as all shoppers are heading to the same store department. 

Aggressive shoppers crush the clerk while a shopper is stabbed by glass on the neck as injured and dead bodies start piling up.

The title of the movie sounds very joyful and positive until you take a closer look at the cover of the movie poster, finding it curious to know why a male is facing down in dark attire while holding onto a bloody ax. 

After reading the tagline “There will be no leftovers” help the audience understand the movie once it is over. 

The film stars Patrick Dempsey, Addison Rae, Gina Gershon, Nell Verlaque and Rick Hoffma. 

Patrick Dempsey plays Sheriff Newlon, throughout the movie he says “Be careful who you trust, because this is a matter of life and death.”

The downfall of the film is that it does not seem realistic on how the characters died.

Viewers of the movie stayed outside the theater expressing their opinions on not having high expectations during the film. A mixture of emotions from laughter and gasping came from them. They discussed how unexpectedly good the movie was.

“Thanksgiving” was released on Nov 17, right before the holidays began. It is a very decent holiday horror film. ‘Thanksgiving” delivers brutal satiric beats as bloody scenes occur and people painfully dying for the cause of free waffle irons. 

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