Health Center provides free treatment for students

By Jaime Paz

Students who require medical attention for their physical and mental health can schedule an appointment with a therapist or doctor at the Student Health Center. 

East Los Angeles Collese students are eligible for healthcare services on campus. Students do not usually know what they are paying for, and when they see a health center they do not know what it can be used for. 

Especially for the first year that they are enrolled and are paying for it. 

 The Health Center offers free therapy if it is needed. 

They also help with medical records and any medical supplies that are needed. 

Students can get three appointments with a therapist each semester. 

The Health Center recommends students that are having mental health issues to come and talk with one of their therapists. 

Students who seek medical care will be taken care of by them. Students should take advantage of the Health Center because if they ever need anything that’s medical or mental health issues they will be there to help. 

They can help with medical services and free therapy time that gives the student 60 minutes to talk to one of their therapists. 

For the non-English speakers, they speak Spanish also. 

The student can call the Health Center to make an appointment with a therapist and ask questions about their medical record. 

They also help with sexual and reproductive health services, domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment resources, and wellness needs.

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