Health Department shows presentation on preterm babies

By Jovany Flores

The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, partnered with the ELAC health department to give a special presentation to students about preterm babies born across the country.

The ZPBSI being an organization takes notice of premature babies born across the country giving resources or support to any parent having premature babies or to any children having health issues. 

  In the presentation, students were shown a list of each state across the countrywith the percentage of preterm babies born in each. 

Each state keeps a record and adds a grade in each state across the country depending on the percentage of babies born preterm. 

Members of ZPBSI share with students the importance of helping mothers of preterm babies and the resources they offer for the baby and mother’s health. 

They also look at the causes of having a preterm and percentage of factors for people having preterm babies. 

March of Dime information was also displayed which showed the number of premature babies born, as well as causes leading to the prematurity. 

March of Dime being a website and recommended by ZPBSI to find more information for students to find. 

This website has more lead about preterm babies across the country and ways to provide a preterm babies health. 

Reporting of each preterm baby in the country had been moderated and important for March of Dimes to count as a report for each year. 

Calculating the percentage of pre term is discussed openly in the national health department. 

Communities that fall under the poverty level in the country and people without health care plans are most at risk for giving birth to premature babies. 

Despite not having insurance due to undocumented status, ZPBSI can still provide resources to parents.

Monica Thurston from ELAC’s health department made an appearance to speak of the importance of this event.  

For students taking a medical path recommend ELAC Health Science pathway classes as well as applying medical schools in the state of California. 

Contact numbers of ELAC health department and ZPBSI email and phone number and resources of the two websites were given out to anyone interested in joining and taking a stand with ZPSBI for students to join in the organization.

They are open to the community and are thankful with the partnership of ELAC health department for this special event to happen on campus. 

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